Moscow Metro Wars – The disastrous nuclear and biological war is over

[Game] Moscow Metro Wars

Moscow Metro WarsMoscow Metro Wars (MM Wars) is a hardcore turn-based economic and military online strategy game with over a million downloads.

The disastrous nuclear and biological war is over, the lucky few – Muscovites and guests of the capital – have found salvation in the subway, which has spread a web of its tunnels, stations and technical premises under the now dead city. Each surviving station turned first into a temporary shelter, and then into a new home for those who found themselves on it… or was born.

Have people learned a lesson from what happened?

Of course not.

Soon, the unified metro management system broke up into separate quasi-states, which immediately began to fight among themselves for every scrap of living space or piece of food – war never changes, and the world of the apocalypse is no exception.
Meanwhile, on the radioactive wasteland that most of the planet’s surface had turned into, something hitherto unknown was emerging…

Take on the role of Arseny Skadov, the young head of the security service of the government bunker, in which the pre-war order has been preserved.
In the place where you were born and grew up, an emergency occurred: a dangerous virus that was mistakenly obtained in ambitious research got into the bunker’s life support system, and a group of scientists sent to the civilian subway for the missing components for the vaccine did not return!

Take power into your own hands! Lead a faction of scientists and lead your colleagues in search of salvation for yourself and the entire Moscow metro.

Become a politician and commander! Develop your economy to create the strongest army in the subway and confront your opponents and the terrible mutants that are ready to devour the miserable remnants of humanity. Expand and protect your possessions, invent new tactics and strategies to save your fighters and stations. Negotiate with other factions to get what you need… or take your own by brute force, and all those who stand in the way – wash in their own blood… Call on the service of various powerful mercenaries that will help you to emerge victorious from the most stalemate… Of course, if you manage to dispose of them competently.

Be careful! Political intrigues and military adventures can affect the reputation of your state, because people are quite vindictive creatures, who knows how things will turn out…

Survive! In a harsh post-apocalyptic world, you will have to use all your wits to protect your territory and save yourself, your people and the population of underground Moscow!

Key Features:
Economic, military strategy and tactics in a post-nuclear war world full of dangers and adventures;
Truly dangerous enemies that will make even experienced players sweat;
More than two dozen factions with different ideologies that cooperate or are at enmity with each other, with most of which diplomacy is possible;
Difficult choices that influence the further course of the plot;
PvP arena – an opportunity to prove to everyone who is the most skilled tactician and strategist here;
Clans – choose wisely who to join in order to be on the winning side, or create your own and try to lead your followers to true power;
Decent graphics and impressive soundtrack;
Unique, but at the same time such a recognizable atmosphere

Moscow Metro Wars user reviews :

The game is good, it represents the struggle of trying to stay afloat, the lore and stations are seemingly based of metro which makes the game more interesting. The only complaint I have is that the enemies eventually become to hard to deal with, whilst the division you have a too small and too weak to do anything about it. But all and all the game is great

The game says “offline” but you can’t play offline… if the server is down or you don’t have connection you won’t be able to play at all, so devs? maybe make it offline? The game is nice, it has a story that randomly progress, mechanic of the game is simple, if you start to understand it becomes less crazy hard but still you’ll have a lot of trouble with squad battle if the wrong set is up, not sure if enemy scales evenly but some factions have very unbalanced fighters and you’ll reload a lot!!

  • Hello. We apologize for the current description – it is not correct… We will fix it as soon as we have the opportunity. The Internet is necessary to save progress on the server and for battles against other players in the arena.

This is an excellent game! I have a problem with not receiving in-game purchases but after contacting support and giving transaction details they sort it out.. but sometimes it takes a long time. Other than that it’s a great challenging game and very addictive! I highly recommend this game. EDIT: I never did receive my coins from last year. Name: Disguise_AU Edit2: Thanks for the extra coins, very much appreciated!

  • Hello. We have credited a large number of tokens to your account as compensation, we hope you will be satisfied! If you know other players with this problem, let them know so that they also write to the reviews about it, specifying their nickname – we will quickly resolve all issues!

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