Tower Of Heroes – Protect the kingdom of Eldoria

[Game] Tower Of Heroes – Epic Defense

Tower Of HeroesEmbark on an epic adventure in Tower of Heroes, a thrilling tower defense game.
Gather your elite force of warriors and heroes, commanding them in intense battles throughout the realm of Eldoria.

Tower of Heroes has an addictive gameplay and a strategic combat system that will appeal to fans of popular titles like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

Defend your castle, protect the kingdom of Eldoria, and become the hero everyone awaits.

Are you ready to defense your tower and lead your heroes to victory in this thrilling battle game?


Immerse yourself in captivating 2D-style art, collect cards and unlock a diverse roster of over 60 unique heroes.
Tailor your army to your strategy by summoning infantry warriors like knights or beasts, ranged warriors like archers or mages, or epic warriors like authentic gods, upgrade your heroes’ skills for victorious outcomes.
Even when you’re not in the heat of battle, keep your warriors in top form using training rooms.


Collect cards to unlock powerful spells.
Unleash magical powers during battles, casting formidable spells like cascading firestorms, chilling freezes, or venomous enchantments to crush the enemy forces.
Strategically use your spell cards to protect your castle in this Tower Defense adventure.


Upgrade the defense and mana of your fortress, watch it grow as it levels up, and transform your small stronghold into a mighty castle that strikes fear into your enemies.


Engage in epic boss fights and defeat all the fallen heroes corrupted by darkness to save Eldoria.
Each victory on an epic battle grants you access to new unlockable cards, adding a strategic edge to your arsenal.

The adventure doesn’t end here!

Complete daily missions to earn fantastic rewards.
Engage in the Oracles’ Minigame, where conquering rounds earns you warrior and spell cards, gold, and relics.
Defend your castle and survive increasingly deadly waves of enemies in the thrilling Survival Mode.
Confront giants in Bonus Battles, proving your courage to save the realm and earning valuable treasures.
Reach the top of the Tower of Heroes world leaderboard.


Defend your castle, survive epic battles, and collect all hero cards.
Will you be able to become the hero Eldoria needs?

Play now and forge your legend!

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Hello, fearless warrior! Whether you’re facing challenges in battle or just want to chat about tower defense strategies, we’ve got your back! Shoot us a message at, and our combat experts will be thrilled to assist. We promise responses faster than a sprinting winged creature.
Play with joy and defend with style!

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Tower Of Heroes user reviews :

The game has the potential to be a really good game, similar to sticky wars, for example. I think it lacks a bit a metagame and maybe more strategy around the battles. I feel that it’s missing a bit when it comes to the user experience, the buttons and how to navigate in the UI is a bit confusing. Would be nice to have a campaign map for example. The art also does not follow a pattern, for example the archer has nothing to do with the warrior. The game has potential but it lacks fun.

  • Hello Frederiko! Thank you for taking the time to write such a comprehensive review. We’re working on a significant update and will carefully analyze every detail you’ve pointed out to try to improve the game as much as possible. Thank you.

Very good game ! I like the smooth graphics and wide variety of characters you can get. It’s really satisfying when I play this game, unlike other tower battle games which I downloaded previously.

Captivating from the start, this game offers a perfect mix of strategy and excitement. With diverse warriors, spell upgrades, and a constant stream of engaging levels, it keeps you entertained for the long haul. I’ve found myself coming back daily for the thrill. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a truly immersive gaming experience!

  • Wow! Thanks for your feedback!, this game has been created by only 2 people, and feedback like yours helps us immensely to keep working and adding content to the game.

This game deserves 5 stars, I love the characters in this game, not a pay to win, you can watch ads if you want to get some stuff. Great work

Great game with no need to pay to win, watch ads only if you want, I love how you have to strategize your gameplay and squad

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