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Motion Ninja Video EditorMotion Ninja is a Video After Effects & Motion Design Editor APP for both professionals and amateurs. Enable you to easily create the pro-quality animation and visual effect. You can also create fan edits with 3D animation and smooth slow motion or velocity editing. Even motion graphic and movie titles are possible.

Best Multi-layer video editor, best for anime music video editing or fan edits for pop video stars.
Custom Keyframe Video Maker & Animation Editor.
Visual effects and Color Correction
Smooth Slow Motion which uses optical flow interpolation to create twixtor or time freeze effect. Turn your slomo video smooth like a pro.
Quality Enhancer Support video and picture quality optimization
Moving Photo & Photo Animator Custom animated area to make your picture flow
Time Remap, remapping speed to slow down & speed up your footage in order to produce creative effects of trending velocity edits.
Highly Customizable Effects,such as Motion Blur, Glow and more.
AE Video Editor for Android
Chroma Key & Green Screen
Create 3D text easily
Add 50+ creative transitions in one click! Select from styles like 3D, Shake and etc.
Custom Speed Curves or Graphs
Support 1080P and 4K export at most.

Bring your after effect edit ideas to this alight motion videos maker by applying Keyframe Animation, Transition and other pro features for android. Tools like Chroma key, Slow Motion and Lower-third titles also allow you to make dazzling blockbuster like a video star.

Want to make a AMV or fan edit music video for your favorite anime character or video star? No need to learn the complicated After Effects software. Motion Ninja, the motion effect maker for android, provides powerful and easy-to-use video editing tools that fit for any level editor and funimate your videos and make you a fan edit star!

Keyframe Video Editor & Animation Editor
Animation movie maker as well as keyframe editor for every feature, including animations, fx 3D effects, mask and more. A great tool for editing a motion trailer.
You can also add keyframes to filter & text and materials like sticker & audio.
Easy-to-use keyframe editor, supports keyframe custom graphs & preset motion curves.

Best Multi-layer Video Picture in Picture App
Motion Ninja offers a variety of video crop masks, including linear, radial and star etc. Edge feathering makes your video blend flawlessly.

After Effects Video Editor for Android
Probably the best After Effects video editor mobile app you can find!
100+ preset video effects, including alight motion blur, shake, magical sky replacement, particle and create cartoon!
Use this after effect video motion editor to become a video star and get tons of likes on Instagram and TikTok!

Chroma Key & Green Screen: Motion Ninja maker offers several green screen resources in different styles.

Music Video Editor
Want to create funimate tiktok videos with tik tok music to be a video star on social media? Gocut with Motion Ninja, a visco app offering powerful music editing and velocity video maker features.

Video Filters & Adjustment
Add featured filters to your videos. Adjust brightness, contrast and others to further funimate your video!
Pro color correction tools like color grading, HSL and Curve editing are coming soon.

Video Speed Tempo Control
Velocity Editor: Adjust video & music speed precisely.
Create slow/fast motion playback to present cinematic time-lapse effects.
Alight & desing your motion graphics to make a towards professional-quality animation.

If you have any questions, please email us at kingsonyoyo[at]

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Motion Ninja Video Editor user reviews :

This app is like a desktop video editor, but in your pocket!!! It’s really good and offers a huge range of tools in order to make amazing video edits. I really recommend it. It takes a while to get around it if you’ve never used a video editing software before, but I think you can get the hang of it pretty quickly. I’m just glad I can edit on my phone now, even if when I’m not at home at my laptop

Can’t favor font? Why this strange Project export feature? All we need is save project into file that can even be edited if we must change device. How to remove local font from listed? BOOKMARKS in Video/Image Chooser are humbly requested. Please either add bookmarks to your file picker or allow us to use our own file manager! With your file picker it is difficult to locate my media, I have hundreds of folders with thousands of media files. Very big problem for me..

  • Thanks for your feadback! We’ll take your suggestions into consideration.

Paid user here: its very annoying that you cant use the app in landscape. Being in vertical makes it hard to edit. The apps getting way too cluttered. It’s way too many features for such a small screen in portrait. You need to focus on the main features and stop trying to implement every single feature on earth. The apps looking outdated and cluttered now. Go back to the basics please and make it more user friendly. It’s just WAY TOO CLUTTERED.

Stop looking for a mobile editor now. You’ve found the best one. I’ve tried so many. Forget the rest, use the best. This gem of an editor beats them all. It has everything you need and more to create quick pro short vids. Edit text animations, green screen, motion graphics, transitions, and much more. Using it for YouTube shorts and TikTok. Smooth editing with the flick of a finger.

nice and simple,like it very much -1 stars 8h work until VIP status finally worked after deleting complete Data from app and playstore! hope you’ll find a reliable solution for this. even getting worth, always harder to get the VIP Status back. Refund would be nice or a solution that works.

My experience was pretty great to be honest! I always wanted to edit like in ae but I couldn’t buy it and this app is like gonna be my main editing app tbh

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