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VITAVITA is a simple & easy video editing app with all features you need for videography!

Start creating amazing videos with all the high-quality features in VITA.

Export videos in full HD quality.
Speed up & add slow motion with the video speed option.
Add video transitions to make your videos look more cinematic.
Make aesthetic videos with dreamy glitch, glitter, and bling effects.
Apply filters to your videos for color grading.
Select songs from the music library to enrich your videos.
Create your own vlogs with quick and easy video templates.
Use pre-made fonts and animated texts & customize with strokes, shadows, and colors.
Collage and overlay videos with PIP to make clone videos.

VITA user reviews :

I’ve been using this app for a year and it was great, until one month ago… Whenever I’m making videos now I don’t know why, but a black box appears and ruins everything this happens everytime I try to remake or change the video a bit but it’s still there which annoys me… please fix it. It ruins my whole hardwork. I would definitely give it 5 stars after it! Otherwise it’s a really great app, good job!

Amazing app. Specially for personal use. Just one improvement is needed that is to change the layout while adding external audio. It just lists all the audio files in the storage and it is very tedious to look for particular file. Please provide the option to choose file from file manager or atleast give search option for audio files.

Edit: Feature Request, please add the feature where a photo/video can be overlayed on the existing photo/video. Currently what happens is that when you add photo/video, it gets added either before or after the existing photo/video. Edit end, original feedback below. 5 stars for the app. The moment I saw Epik recommend it, without second thoughts right away downloaded it given how amazing Epik is. Now I am going to uninstall inshot lol.

It is a bestt app for editors no ads,no premium version lots of templates and features you guys are doing a great job!! But,, We all editors need 4K quality for our videos.. it’s a necessity for all of us.. please provide! Overall, best editing app ever used!

When I edit a video in this app for 2 or 3 hours and then I export the video in gallery. Then I play the video I make it’s really stucks. I am very disappointed with this app . I export the video in every quality but it’s always stuck . And also the transition doesn’t work . Most of the transition doesn’t work . Please fix the issue.

The app was excellent. I was very happy. After updating trouble started. All look good in app and as saved it blinks consistently. Tried 35 times for one short video. Please fix it soon!!

I’m not giving all stars because as I have used this app for 1 year and it was working perfectly but there’s a problem that when I change the speed and click the tick button it does not work but the cross button works and then I have to delete the sound and my video also same goes with the ratio option this is a really good app but I request you to please fix this I’m really disappointed with this problem…

Perfect app for creating reels. The only recommendation would be is to allow editing the effects and text on the templates. Most templates are not usable since it’s not editable. Pls do consider this change.

Everything is fine except difficulties to add custom audio. I have more than 2000 audio tracks and here not showing folder view. Only you have to choose from album tracks which is tough.

It’s a good app but sometimes you will find it difficult to use. Like some days back I was trying to edit a video and it was soo difficult for me to edit. This app is good but it’s for professionals. So please make little easy to use.

BEST EDITING APP EVER!! I just love this app. Tons of text fonts. Thousands of stickers, and text styles. Easy to use and very useful. BEST editor for both images and vids. I am a new youtuber (Doofy Dreamers) and I wanted a good editor app. I tried so many photo and video editor apps, but none suited my choice. But then I found this app VITA after I searched in Google for best editor. Now, I just love it. It is so easy to use and edit. It just transforms your video or pic. Thank you SNOW inc.

Okay, so in the process of writing the last review, the app closed, and when I had returned to my project some audio I had slowed had become suddenly, and unfixably, choppier and cut off earlier than it should have. So… yeah.

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