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[Game] Car Parkour – Sky Racing 3D

Car ParkourCar Parkour: Sky Racing 3D – Fast, dramatic and super-fun mega ramps

Are you ready to master this ridiculously thrilling car stunt game where you really never know what’s around the corner? Keep your foot on the gas, dodge the endlessly varied obstacles in super fast, super exhilarating races that always offer something new and unexpected. If you feel like the need for speed with the best Free Car games or Racing games offline, Car Parkour will be just right for you.

In this Car Parkour: Sky Racing 3D ramp game, you’ll experience circus car racing and car stunts based on car driving simulator concepts. Enjoy the crazy car racing simulator as you have never seen before in any Car parkour games.


Realistic 3D graphics and sound effects
Simple yet striking graphics along with roaring engine sounds will create a genuine driving thrill.

Enormous surroundings with multiple mega ramps
A wide range of open vertical and horizontal mega ramps are available in this thrilling Car Racing game.

Top-notch driving modes
While Parkour Pro’s main tracks are to satisfy casual players, Parkour Pro Max tracks offer more intense challenges and are ready to make your ride even more hair-raising with extreme GT car stunts. There are many interesting levels and missions for you to accomplish with great prizes awaiting you at the finish line. Take the challenge and become a Race car master of stunts game or mega ramp car racing games.

Fascinating first-class formula cars & sports cars
Huge collection of formula cars and sports cars to collect and customize as you race through the levels in the game. Place high in every race to earn more cash, tune your car’s fuel for ultimate speed, acceleration and handling your mega ramps.

Finest steering and motion controls
Hydraulic brakes system and acceleration are designed exclusively for 3D ramp extreme jump. Different camera views are ready to seize every moment of your surreal car stunts.

You don’t have to further look for an easy-to-play ramp car stunts simulation game with realistic driving experiences anymore. All the speed you need, amazing cars and psychedelic races that’ll stop your heart are converged into Car Parkour, Flipping mega ramp impossible stunts.
So buckle up and start your legendary sky drifting experience with Car Parkour: Sky Racing Stunts 3D right away!

Car Parkour user reviews :

I like the fact that it’s a remake of GTA V racing. However, the car handlings are terrible. I can’t steer properly and most times end off the board. The fact that you have to choose a character before every race is redundant. Basically, there’s really no interesting challenge in this game. I had to uninstall it after the first 10-15 levels. Anyways, I think a better graphics and car handling will go a long way into making this a better game.

Gave 3 stars, the game quality is good although the levels are quite easy. The main issue is controls, I cannot turn the car at turns, it goes out of control n eventually falls. Pls improve the controls rest the game is good if the further levels are made more challenging

This game is just a waste of time,I don’t recommend it.the quality is ok.but 90% of the time,the AI is controlling the car, witch ruined the gameplay.and the level is too easy and the level isn’t even considered as “parkour”

Auto steering racing game. No need to steer just accelerate, the game will steer for you. Steering assist just like aim assist.

Very nice and intermediate game. You can get various levels and all are so awesome.You just have to keep patience and go with the flow in order to complete the levels

Games okay. Not really parkour though. But AD before the run, AD after the run, AD between the other ADs! Game is not enjoyable enough to be constantly pissed on with ADs.

I dont recomend it ,every move you make just loads up an add and the graphics and gameplay are bad because of the adds

5 is the best way to get through the most competitive competitive c

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