Mr Hero – Become the most famous hero in the world

[Game] Mr Hero

Mr Hero  Mr. Hero has decided to defeat all the monsters around the world and become a social media superstar!

I’m gonna fight the strongest monsters and become the most famous hero in the world!

Tap to defeat the monsters!
Mr. Hero is a sense-immersing, easy-to-play RPG with an idle and collective interface.
The exponential growth speed will make feel an unbelievable sense of catharsis.

Become a superhero to protect our planet and become a social media star!

Game features

Hundreds of levels with deadly monsters all over the place
A wide range of weapons and armors that shine with unique values
Attack skills that become more powerful and splendid as you go on
Magic skills that allow you to defeat bosses efficiently
15 powerful relics you can summon to provide special abilities to your heroes
Adorable yet mighty pets

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Mr Hero user reviews :

Fun for the first hour. Then you have to start paying or waiting. Havent made much progress since hitting the first wall after my first hourof playing. Even after 3 days, nearly same spot. The novelty wear off quick, but its still a fun app. Ive played many different clones of same game. Theyre all good if u like idle incremental games where you buff a single hero, it will be good for you

Updates seem to be common. I have not run into many bugs. In-game currency is slightly over priced, hopefully they will make it more reasonable. They do however need to work on the networking side, if you have even the smallest network interruption, it restarts the game.

This game was very fun, while I got to play it that is. The game eventually just wouldn’t let me play anymore because it kept saying it needed me to update it except whenever I go to the app store and look at the game it doesn’t have the update button so I can’t play it. The game was good though, I like the idea of having a chance to get better or worse items with the crates and what-not. I recommend this game.

It’s a fun game, for the first little while. Once you use all the starting resources you hit an impossible payroll. You don’t gain anything from any repetitive or daily action so it becomes impossible to progress with purchasing.

Game is fun at its core but way too many technical issues. Constantly crashes, runs super slow most of the time, ads don’t load or crash the game, afk rewards dissappear so I don’t receive them sometimes. Opening a menu causes game to freeze. Would give a higher rating if it ran better

Bummer looks like a good game but I can’t play it, it’s always telling me to update but will not have the option to press update, only to play and uninstall… nothing seems to fix it.

Fairly good, It’s easy to progress at the start but gets harder to progress as you go farther in the game.

This game is great. No connection issues, no bugs, great rewards, low storage consumption, doesn’t overheat phone, also simple and stress free game. Just maybe devs, can you please raise the gacha rate just by 1%? It would be helpful to us players. And also it would be fun if you could add a sleep mode or idle mode function for grinding. Thank you devs for this game.

Really good idle game but everyone here’s a tip: turn off ur internet so u can’t get adds but if this a online game we’ll sheet

This game is Very very cool no lag issues no connection issues but I have suggest can you add clan here on this game ? Thankyou I hope soon You will add it thankyou

It’s a good game but it takes a long time to become very strong I’d still recommend it to you guys!

It is funny for the first few hours/days. After that, you reach a point where it is nearly impossible to progress without spending money. Even with a lot of diamonds (15k from maintenance and such), you barely get better equipment.

Very good game but they gotta fr buff the chest atlease so u can get a little bit luckier and the reason why I give this an 5 star bc it’s an very fun game and u can go afk too

Just tried this game & think I played for about 4 hrs straight. Pretty funny concept & animations and if anything it’s GREAT time killer.

Amazing to start off with, but like every idle game, gets really boring after a while

Hello its not letting me update please fix it and i will tell my friend this is the best game ever please respond.

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