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[Game] Pocket Love

Pocket Love  Shrink down to pocket-size and move into a cute new home with your partner and your favorite pet! Everything is more adorable when it’s little, and you and your partner are no exception :)

Time to start decorating! Pocket Love offers thousands of customization options for you to design a blank space into a dream home. Simply visit the AMAZING showroom and pick out the furniture that you love. With state-of-the-art insta-shipping, it’ll be there before you know it!

And as you unlock furniture, your characters will interact with different objects in adorably-cute ways. Unlock special memories and snapshot different moments to add to your photo album. Awwww… so cute!

Pocket Love is currently in early Beta and we plan to bring new features like the ability to add rooms to your home (more to decorate!) and even being able to visit your neighbors and unlock special moments.

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Pocket Love user reviews :

I haven’t encountered any bugs or glitches or things like that.I made a purchase, everything went fast and smooth.The game is really simple, but I think it can help with anxiety and stress.

It’s a simple cute game! But I’ve encountered what I think it’s a bug?..My dog just vanished out of nowhere and I can’t see him at all in the game anymore,please fix

An incredibly cute and relaxing game. The purpose of the game is simply to design a house for you, your partner, and your pet. There are small daily tasks that can help boost you to the next level, and ultimately more furniture. The exchange rate for doglars, catcoins, and real money is exceptional. So long as the exchange rate stays similar, I’ll buy doglars. I’d love if the outdoor/yard decor would blend a bit more with the background, like a stone wall with street behind it. Love this game!

This is so cuuuute!!! It’s perfect!!! They aren’t any pop up ads. You only watch ads if you wish for some extra reward. There give you opportunities to earn money to buy the furnitures, etc. You don’t really have to spend real money to level up. AND it’s super inclusive. Your partner can be from the same gender. They do have a variety of skin tones but i do wish they would have more. I am a brown person and they only have light brown and dark brown. There are several shades of brown too.

I’m in love with this game I’d give it 5 stars but the only problem is the ‘dogllars’ is quite hard to achieve, and a little advise is to add a little minigames to make it more interesting, not just buying items in shop and building a cute home. And I also really hope that you’ll add a ‘add friend’ so we could also play with our friends!Overall this is perfect

i love it! the graphics are so cute, and i love all the options u get. but now that I’ve filled all four rooms theres nothing else for me to do. i do wish there was an option for more than 4 rooms, or maybe even a second story would be great! i also saw someone say that being able to travel to different locations or having an outside area would be awesome, and i totally agree! i rlly think that would make the game. thats my only critique, I’ve had no trouble with the gameplay at all

It would be a great game without the constant need for ads. It’s still a lot of fun, but it’s super slow unless you want to buy or watch ads or download other games. But I’m just interested in this one, and I have a hard time downloading others anyways. I might consider buying stuff with real money, except… That game does not save data to my next phone. Considering my history with those, I will regretfully eventually have to let go of this game, so I won’t bother. It’s cute though.

This game, argh! so CUTE! and it’s even wholesome & cozy! I’m someone who enjoys decorating houses and rooms, this game is perfect to me! Not only that, I think the prices are okay. They aren’t pricey at all. I named my character after me and my partner after the fictional character I simp for <3 Overall, it’s great! I also love the background music. Everything is just so wholesome..

I really like this game it’s cute but could you add an option in the game where you could play a mini game inside the game and receive some coins with it? You guys should also add an option where we could control how the characters will move for every item. Make characters interact more in other ways than just the little talking and receive rewards from it too sometimes and also try to add a second floor or more floors. Overall, it’s cute.

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