Mr Spy Undercover Agent – Escape without getting caught

[Game] Mr Spy Undercover Agent

Mr Spy Undercover Agent You’ll play as the intrepid Mr Spy, an undercover agent with a knack for getting into tricky situations.

Use your skills in this ultimate game of espionage to outwit and sneak past security cameras and armed guards! Do you have what it takes to escape without getting caught? Suit up agent, we’ve got a mission!

Take down security guards and personnel to earn cash.
Unlock unique weapon upgrades and level up your spy game.
Hack computer interfaces, sneak past surveillance cameras and dodge deadly lasers.
Face off in epic boss battles to become the one and only ultimate spy.

We make casual moments turn into mad adventures!

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Mr Spy Undercover Agent user reviews :

The game is okay. Kind of repetitive, same bosses, same levels. Also you can only upgrade the handgun (the only gun) five times. Also when you get all the outfits you keep earning cash and have nothing to buy. All you have to do is hold the screen. Can you put in a joystick or at least some arrow buttons?

Its a great game, a little bit repetitive though. Very similar levels & bosses at the end of the stages. Be better if levels were longer, and with more collectibles, as once you have all characters thats it nothing after that. So feels a bit pointless as you collect cash but no characters or weapons etc to purchase. Other than that good job

Is a good game but the games needs more, you end up playing the same levels, same bosses. The game needs more, more upgrades to the guns maybe leading to bigger guns rather than upgrading the handgun a couple of times. More levels, make some of the levels a little bigger a little harder especially the boss levels.

I agree with others, but seriously, this game needs some improvements, here’s 2: The ads never, EVER work when I try to get rewards and money, they need optimizations. And 2, this game is boring without sound effects, these things need those sounds: player opening doors, Lift doors opening when ending a level, gunfire, barrels exploding, enemies yelling from pain when shot and hit the floor, etc. MadBox, if you’re reading this, PLEASE do something about it, no wonder people are complaining.

This could have been a great game! The dev obviously released it way too early just as a cash grab. Ads after each level, ads to unlock the gun you got to 100% of. And they didn’t even bother to add sound to the game! Total lack of variety in the game and a total waste of time downloading it. If this game gets updated/finished, I will come back and update my review.

Its a nice game but it doesnt have any sort of sound or music. Id really love to hear some gunshots as i blast some bad guys. And you can only move forward. U dont do anything besides just holding the screen, which can get really boring

Not a bad game, but it get repetitive repeating the same levels over and over again a bit more differance in the levels and you’ve got a winner. It could also do with some sound too.

Cool game, but I think it would be cool if there was music in the game like secret agent music that would be cool, other than that great game.

Good shooting game Stealth, timely moves, smooth control! Clear, nice graphics with view moving to top angle to side Liked different characters. But repeating already and No Sound or Music

Like playing very much. Wished that there were more levels and new courses to get through. But other than that I’d say the game is challenging and fun.

It’s a good game. Controls are boring. And after boss #3 it was just the same levels mixed up on repeat.

Wish it had more characters and levels and more action but I still enjoy playing it.Also I level my gun all the way got all the characters so what is the money for? It needs more outfits,guns,etc

I love this game its super fun and I’m not lying but there needs to be maybe a little bit of blood just to make a bit more interesting when u kill someone btw I’m not a sphyco I just like little details in game but overall I love this game

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