Magician Saga – Will the town be restored to its former glory

[Game] Magician Saga

Magician Saga Embark on a grand adventure as a spell-casting hero in this chill-out action & simulation game.

Build a town and train your allies to prepare them for tough battles, in which you’ll be right there at the front line, legendary magic rod in hand.

A once peaceful town was suddenly raided by monsters, and the kingdom’s precious orb, which granted it good fortune, was stolen. The town fell into ruin…
Then, a fearless magician appeared before the king, and offered help. But it wasn’t going to be easy!

Will the town be restored to its former glory? It’s up to you, young mage!

All game progress is stored on your device. Save data cannot be transferred between devices, nor can it be restored after deleting or reinstalling the app.

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Magician Saga user reviews :

Waiting for gems to upgrade or buy heros is brutally slow and higher lvl heros is insane amount of gems. Snow level there is a massive huge difficulty spike. Leveled up for a few hours and still getting 1 hit killed. Good luck with this maximum effort with little to NO payout game. Unistalled with a side of 1 star.

It’s iight. It’s very limited on game mechanics. And it requires you to grind. Mindless activity.

kairosoft does it again, and delivers a fun game. the progress seems steady and rewarding and the user interface is much better than their previous games. the gameplay is simple to learn and gives you more options than you think once you learn to advance and fallback to gain health and mana. what looks like a simple game becomes a bit more tactical as you play

I love it, except the limitations of only 3 spells, and the grinding for crystals is a bit repetitive, for completing a tier where all the villagers are rescued in one, I think once their all done you should get more than average for finishing it. A few other little things could use tweaking, but all in all, great addictive game o and one last thing, make it to where more devices can play it, cause if I want a new phone, or break this one, all my game play is lost, which also means, I’m not putting a dime into this.

connection issue when logging in. Sometime is error even I have excellence connection. Gold Store is so useless and expensive! I think at first it would be a whole store for buying some equipment. Stamina could be better if its recovered (even 1) by the main character goes up. The whole reason is for rescuing the villagers from the early level. Character’s element would really help if we decide to buy a hero from inn. overall, the game is great!

Its cute, nice music and so challenging

Kairo always try to innovate in their games and I like how they combine action RPG with town building simulation. But unfortunately I found some controls to be a bit challenging and maybe the genre is not really my cup of tea. However, good job and looking forward to more games!

It is a fun game and i like it a lot. My gripe with it is the ad at the bottom is right under the button to move back. While running from an enemy or the boss i will hit the ad sometimes and my guys will die.

Its awesome and all but its hard to upgrade your character. And the more you purchase something in the MagiMart the more the price increases but the + of the stats are still the same (i didn’t know with the other buildings). Why don’t you show the enemies HP anyway? And color the HP of their different attributes so that we will know what ability to use. I already use the 3 available ability but all are block, i think i didn’t even give the monster a single scratch. Lastly, the CASD(do something)

I very much enjoy the game, until I run out of attempts and then I go enjoy another one of their games and come back later.

Simple. Entertaining. Slightly repetitive with plenty of unlockable characters. Could use a bit more storyline dialogue to spruce things up. Watch ads or beat levels for premium currency.

While it’s a decent game, it’s not a time killer like is always said about every game. Your stamina runs out too quick and restores slowly. You can buy extra stamina for $5, but it’s not worth spending money on.

Grind, grind, and grind some more. Neat concept but the relentless grind negates any positive that might have given. Stamina is used up grinding so when you’re finally strong enough to tackle a boss and move on you don’t have stamina left to do it. You can, of course, by stamina with gems, but the scarcely provided gems are needed for other aspects of the game. Needs less grind or faster stamina regeneration.

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