MU Dragon Havoc – Claim the Crown of Roland

[Game] MU Dragon Havoc

MU Dragon Havoc100% Golden Egg Drops, 300% Drop Rate Bonus, Full Gear Up to +15!

Server-Wide Golden Egg Drops
Collect all 7 golden eggs to summon the Dragon?
Dive into unique golden egg gameplay for an instant high-drop-rate experience!
No need for wishes—defeat the Golden Dragon to fill your inventory with Excellent Divine Gear and Jewel of Bless.

Newcomer’s High Rewards
Receive 2000 attribute points upon login, enjoy a limited-time 3x EXP boost, and power up newbies for rapid growth!
Million-diamond gift packages and complete Archangel sets are waiting for you!

Versatile Appearances
One-click transformations between Angels and Demons, along with a variety of cool mounts and stylish weapons for you to choose from!

Classic Continuity, Graphic Revolution
100% ported from the PC game MU Online—classic essence preserved! Classic dungeons like Blood Castle and Devil Square have been upgraded and brought back reimagined, with more detailed scenes, smoother gameplay, and a more realistic MU world for you to freely explore!

High-Speed Auto Battle, Soar in Power
Say no to grinding; one-click auto-battle for abundant rewards!
Intelligent AI helps you complete repetitive monster hunting tasks, allowing you to easily develop high-powered characters with massive EXP and rare items!

Guild Dominance, Claim the Crown of Roland
In the ultimate showdown, who will become the strongest Lord of Roland City?
Summon your alliance of brothers, unite to conquer the Roland Canyon, seize the crown, and make a name for yourself in a glorious battle!

MU Dragon Havoc user reviews :

Pretty cool game. Has a lot of concepts of original mu. Played for a week and a half and even spent about 40 dollars on it but I realised its only going downhill from there. If you want to be near the top you gotta spent a lot so I just gave up and stopped playing. You can probably play as a free to play player but don’t expect to be close in power to the people who spend money.

You just saw the screens and you think at the lovely MU season 3…. It looks like it but the gameplay is really different, don’t get fooled by the screenshots. The character mechanics are weird, you have some type of resets but it’s not like you think, some weird demon angel leveling points, you have multiple armors at the same time. The execution is good but the new different things won’t keep an old MU player

Nostalgic, very similar to the original Mu. This is, however, a money sponge. The creators don’t care about matchmaking mechanics game play. They want money. This is a pay to win game that needs daily donations just to stay competitive. People spend hundreds on this game every day just to advance to a higher rebirth level where you need to spend even more to stay on top. Save your money, find another game On top of that, no still is required. Whoever pays the most does the most damage

Typical dungeon battles. Avatar fights, you update gear. Very small type is difficult to read. It’s well done for what it is.

Though it has the heart of MU, it sure does lack the soul. It is the definition of pay to win, with hundreds of ways for you to pay for gear/levels/power. They’ve decided to milk the very fans that made this game big, a game we grew up with. Instead of pushing it forward and improving on it, they’ve designed system after system to fit the mobile game market and they even reward you for paying DAILY. Outrageous. I have at least 20-30 hours of game time, that’s how badly I tried to enjoy it.

Very stripped of the content and “soul” of the original MU. Moreover, it is difficult to read and bugged -Disappearing UI, even restarting doesn’t help. -it’s hard to find the right icons in the menu. -All the time I missclick something *P2W, it’s obvious and I don’t blame it, but with such low quality I won’t spend even a cent.

To be honest, it’s not is the worst game I have played ever or entirely so far but it could be categorized as one of them because this game is completely boring. The visual graphics are not up to park to call the attention of the player and it can get pretty boring real quick. The second part about the game is that the settings are complicated and pretty much not easy to maneuver and understand and the game has way too many top up or rechargeable merchandise and and basically he’s paying to win

Great game nostalgic. Brings me back when i was in elementary playing this on an old pc. Only suggestion is hopefully they make the servers all levels that way it grows bigger and merge some of the servers. That way friends can play with each other and have the chance to catch up and not forced to fight higher level bosses. Also make the events all levels and of possible have a private trading system where person can trade with another person so we can exchange items/gears.

Confused but addicting.. kinda lost on a story line and why I’m doing what I’m doing in game and even still, I cant seem to put the game down.. I’m SUPER new to it, like maybe an hour of play time so far so I’m not too far into it but still, from what ive played, there’s definitely room for major improvements and then the game will be all that it should

Amazing game, really realistic as mu used to be years ago. Money orientated like any other game this year. The only difference is that it takes the fun away from regular players as some packs costs 99£, for example to buy a special mount and all his accessories it will cost you 800£. Then next wrek there will be a new mount + accessories. Unless you are super rich you can’t keep up with the players that invest cash and it creates a mega gap in between them, should lower their prices…

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