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[Game] Pixel Overlord – 4096 Draws

Pixel OverlordDemon King Switches Jobs, Embarks on New Adventure!

Breaking news! The demon king has quit! He’s done! He’s switched jobs! He’s become a hero! Come and watch with the goddess as the demon king, now a hero, saves the world!

Relaxed and casual, with Tons of Benefits
This relaxed game offers a super high standard of benefits! Free five-star characters, dynamic illustrations, and a funny story! The game is fun, and you don’t have to grind!

Free control, the Battle is up to You
Use your wisdom to defeat your opponents. Strategy is the most important thing! Remember: there is no strongest character, only the strongest player! Raising the bond between characters also has additional benefits!

Lots of Gameplay, to Help You Boost Power
Lots of limited-time mini-games give you a new and exciting experience! Go to the Dimension Cube for a prize, then go to the Hero Restaurant for a meal, and then go to the Forge to get a new weapon. Boosting your power is easy!

Pixel Overlord user reviews :

So far so good, and there’s should’ve been a choice whether the player is a beginner or not in this type of game, cause too much tutorial is really annoying, also the story’s kinda boring to read so most people just want to skip that, and the skip really not doing much either. And really, to much going on in this game sometimes it feels kinda stressfull. Anyway, Hope this game will get better In the future.

Would rate it higher for the time I played but you tutorial is so dam irritating I had to stop. People do not need to be shown every little thing 5 separate times. But the game is cute and has some elements I like. This is a heavy grind though, and once the extremely long tutorial is over you will hit a wall. The drop rate is pretty bad as well. I’m sure people will like this game but its just to slow to $$$ and to grinding for me.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts on the game, ramssb3400! We understand how these issues will help you and other players have a better gaming experience, and we’re sorry if you’re experiencing a lot of bugs in your game. We’ll make sure to share your ideas with the team! Have a nice day!

A lot of, if not all of the stage backgrounds are AI generated, and the pixel art is lovely, but the full art is a bit more generic. The animation is very fluid though.. It seems to be a mostly male audience-focused game but there’s some male characters mixed in with the women. The character designs are pretty nice and while there’s a lot of pay options, I haven’t really felt forced to use them yet as the game has been really generous to new players. It’s not that bad but its a bit wonky.

  • Dear player, We will try improve and optimize the game as much as we can. Thank you for your support, I wish you a happy game

Mostly like it so far, but have a couple of issues that may end with me uninstalling. There are constant red dots on the menus. Others have complained about this, but it’s not being fixed. You can minimise battles to do other things, but you can’t just click “Next battle” when they’re done, so you have to go back onto it to click next. The translation is pretty bad for the story, so I ended up skipping it. I’ll update later of my opinion changes.

Pros: Can run stuff in the background while doing something else (doing tower and events while also doing story quests). Gives a decent amount of summons and gems. Art is cute. Cons: Hate the little quests that are a part of the plot. Going to arena, grabbing afk rewards, and crafting stuff before progressing the story is kind of annoying. Female characters are better than male characters (PLUS not enough male characters). Plot progress and lots of other stuff hidden behind higher lvls.

  • Hello,May Yang. Thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us. Our team is working hard to make the game better and add more features to the game. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us as we are always happy to help and share some gaming tips.

Game is very generous. However, some skins are quite expensive. I get that money needs to be made and 20 usd isn’t horrible. 50 usd, however, is just to much if you are like me and want to collect everything. Though, I should mention, the skins that cost this much usually come with good stuff. So really a noncomplaint, maybe a skins pack would be nice.

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