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[Game] Resolute Hero RPG

Resolute Hero RPGExperience inflation of your character’s level and incredible items.

Collect 400 different items as you fight through a huge world with 240+ unique enemies to encounter.

You can develop your character with countless combinations of massively powerful equipment:
90+ weapons to choose from
12 different types of armor slots with 180+ different total equipment options
Equip up to 5 different accessories

Experience a wide range of statistics to power up your characters: Critical Hit Rate, Critical Hit Damage, Bonus Experience, Life Regeneration, Extra Turns, Double Attacks & Double Hits (stacking), Extra stat points per level, Damage Reflection, Elemental Reduction, Elemental Amplification, Surviving Fatal Attacks, Increased Gold Drop Rate, Increased Item Drop Rate and more!

Resolute Hero RPG user reviews :

For me who played Hero’s Quest before this game, I found this game is really enjoyable and give more complexity. As how “Inflation RPG” goes, it slow at first, challenging, and gradually progressing. No ads also a really big plus. If this game originally contain ads, and there is no ads option, I would purchase it. The only noticeable in-app purchase is related to item drop rate which might be really helpful. Because even after I reach Fae Realm, I still couldn’t get few rare item drops.

Fun game to kill some time. Very much like Hero’s Quest. While the game does get a bit grindy, it’s not too bad. However there’s a point where progress feels dependant on getting EXP modifiers on monsters and it kind of gets tedious. I really like that there are no ads, and nothing is really gated behind MTX. The in-app purchases are just there to support the developper if you so desire.

A fun grind. There are a few gaps where it’s too hard to get to the next tier; after Chaos and before Dark Castle is the worst, I think. Also I don’t like buying power so I would have preferred to be able to buy a $10 support pack that didn’t offer benefits. Edit: Had to raise it to 4 stars because I just really like it and can’t quite explain why

This is a great game. You’ll easily be spending 15-20 or so hours progressing with no issues and no slowdowns. There is also no pay wall. However, after Chaos (past level 400,000), you’ll definitely be hitting a grind wall. Each run at that point is simply about grinding items from specific enemies that you can only defeat ONCE per run. It’s as bad as that sounds, but it is doable–you just have to push through. Increase the drop rate by 3x or add the ability to upgrade equipment.

Grind, get stronger, kill bigger monsters, repeat. It’s quite an addictive gameplay loop especially when you start but does get incredibly repetitive. This is the nature of the game and pretty much advertised, so I don’t feel the need to dock stars for that. There’s no pay wall also which is just great! My only real complaint is the ui/interface can be better designed and the character movement can use some work too. But it’s by no means a huge issue and it’s perfectly functional as it is.

Huge fan of the small changes made compared to other games of this type. The map was confusing for the first legs of the game but after a bit I could tell it was designed with runs in mind to make things easier and I really appreciate that. It favors a little bit of exploration to guide you to finding the later parts of the game. Personally could not put this down when I started!

I really liked the game up to chaos. Played almost three days straight. Just got tired of doing boss runs for the last few drops to progress. I just watched the YouTube videos to see how the game ended to satisfy my curiosity. I didn’t care for the archaeology feature, six attempts at 25 to 30 percent and not a single item. Really made for a fun weekend.

Completely awesome. Fair, rewarding, no mandatory microtransactions, this developer deserves all the good. Slight suggestion though: add something so I can tap on a stat and get a description if what it affects. For instance, I figured Luck increases drop rate, but I still don’t know exactly what Dex does. Thank you so much and keep up your amazing work!

If you like Inflation RPG or Heroes Quest this is right up your alley. I really like this one for the simple fact that you don’t HAVE to fight even on accident. Otherwise, mechanics are almost identical. You’ll get as far as you can to get money, get better gear (tons in this one) which you keep, then go home to start over on level 1 with your gear. Auto-assign stat percentages would be a nice feature. Possibly the ability to play different classes with different skills. Still a 5* game!

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