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33RD Random DefenseAre you looking for an immersive action RPG tactical tower war game?

How about experiencing the best of idle defense against enemy invasion? With this amazing survival battle game, you get to experience a realistic defense featuring cute animals.

As one of the best TD games, this survival battle game is designed to keep you entertained for hours every day. Play every enemy invasion level to polish your tactical tower war skills and stay on top of your performance.

Play 33RD – Random Defense War, Animal Battle Arena now!

Defense Idle Game
Are you ready to fight one of the most challenging action RPG tower defense battles available online? Brace yourself to face the most challenging survival battle of all time!
Create your team of animals and wizards and fight in battles!

Stop the monsters to gain victory in the tactical tower war. You will face 33 difficult tower defense enemy invasion types, and you must fight all to win!
Simple play tips: Summon, merge and enhance cute animals. Wait for the bonus to accumulate.

Play Single, Co-op, Duel, Dungeon, Chaos and Guild modes!
Animals are summoned randomly! So are the monsters, buffs, and even the placements!
Test your luck in this game with multiple possibilities!

Features of 33RD – Random Defense War, Animal Battle Arena

Single Tower Defense Simulator Mode
Clear 200 stages of survival battle against enemy invasion and receive rewards to upgrade your armor in action RPG levels.

Duel Mode (1v1 PvP) for Idle Defense
Strategically create your team of animals and challenge players from across the world in real-time tactical tower war duels for your victory!

Co-op Tactical Battle Mode
Work together with your friends in defense simulator to stop the swarms of monsters and beat the highest score in idle defense TD games.

Special Crazy TD Modes
A dungeon mode that challenges you to the end using various spells. Chaos co-op mode only for advanced players on the weekend.
Summon and enhance animals and choose treasure effects in a short time to protect the radish.

Cute Tower Defense Animal Characters
Collect over 60 unique & cute animals to check their abilities and grow them. Stay on top of your idle defense performance and have fun!

Unlock Magical Wizards
Train your wizards and learn new skills! Enter the battle arena with full defense preparation and fight against the enemy invasion.

Simple Controls for TD Games
Easily summon, merge, and upgrade your monsters with just your finger! This game is cute but addictive merge TD.

Collect equipment items to gain extra wizard effects.
Collect weapon skills to gain extra animal effects.

Grow your guild with your fellow members through 「Guild Quests」 and more.
Compete with other guilds in 「Guild Battles」.
Purchase rare items in the 「Guild Shop」.

Weapon & Map Skins!
Guild Weapon Skin added for all animals.
Change your field map skin by visiting the 「Parrot Store」.

Emotions, profile images and etc.
With constant updates, various emoticons & profile images, game systems, and events are continuously added!
Please refer to the in-game announcement for more details!

Download and play 33RD today!

A payment will be charged to your Google play account when the subscription begins, and it will auto-renew unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of a subscription period. Renewal payments will be charged within 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, with the same price and payment schedule for the subscription you selected. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewals in your device account settings.

Please get in touch with us at support-33rd[at]wondersquad.com with questions, concerns, or suggestions!

Privacy Policy:  wondersquad.com/privacy/
Terms of Service:  wondersquad.com/terms/

A network connection is also required.
By installing this game, you agree to the terms of the license agreements.

33RD Random Defense user reviews :

Y’all, I absolutely LOVE this game. It’s addicting, a great time killer, and it’s easy to get lost in it. HOWEVER, the pricing of items is ridiculous. It skips over the basic .99 cent price and jumps to $5 for 80 gems. Why do I need to spend that much on something that’ll go away so easily?? Almost all the items, that can be purchased with gems, are higher than 80. That’s why I gave 3 stars. Please, for the love of GOD fix the prices. It’s ridiculous and unrealistic, or at least add more gems.

The game is quite good. But the game forces me to develop in a very slow pace. The single player is kind of stuck, because the further the progress, the harder it gets. Also, there is no re-play rewards whatsoever. At this point, I just depend on co-op and duel, which costs me ticket that requires me to wait for like an hour for each ticket. I suggest to add some kind of endless single player mode (so we can play w/o waiting) with some decent rewards

This game is great and I want to rate it higher, but my issue is specifically the co-op. My wife and I rather enjoy games of this type, but even though we’ve been playing a couple of weeks, we both have solid decks and we understand the base concept, I genuinely can’t even tell what is dealing damage to me in the co-op battles. No strategy we can find can consistently get us past wave 7-8, and it just doesn’t seem reasonable defensible. Again, love the game, but some of it is a bit unclear.

  • Thank you for playing the game. Game balance will be constantly revised to make the game even more enjoyable. Basically, it is recommended to grow the wizard first and then enter the game. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

I’ve played up until level 10 so far and it’s a pretty cute game. Nice simple short rounds without any ads it makes you watch. Only issue I found was when I turn the background music off it’ll come back on when I open rewards and it can be a little irritating when I’m listening to something else. Cute game though, just needs a little love.

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