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[Game] Zombie io – Potato Shooting

Zombie ioThe pre-registration event has begun! Participate to get 911 draws and the pet, Police Dog Corgi! They will give you a helping hand in the world of zombies!

Immerse yourself in this delightful casual shooting mobile game in Zombie.io where you take on the role of an adorable potato protagonist.

The game unfolds in a world where extraterrestrial potatoes accidentally find themselves on Earth, forging an alliance with humans to combat the sudden zombie threat and save the world.

In the game, you can assemble a team of heroes and lead them on a mission to eradicate zombies and experience non-stop shooting intense action, and exciting gameplay features:

Endless Zombie Shooting
Unleash your shooting skills and face relentless waves of zombies as you strive to survive the apocalypse. Take down hordes of the undead with precise aim and strategic tactics.

Mowing down Experience
Mow down the battlefield with your squad, creating pathways and obstacles for the zombies. Utilize the environment to your advantage and stay one step ahead of the undead.

Gear Development
Equip your heroes with powerful weapons, armor, and accessories to enhance their abilities and increase your chances of survival. Customize your loadout and discover unique combinations for each hero.

Assemble your combat team
Rescue more heroes on your way to escape and recruit them into your squad! Each hero masters different special skills, upgrade them and use the correct combat strategy to defeat the ultimate zombie boss!

Roguelite Gameplay
Experience the excitement of rogue-lite mechanics, where each playthrough is unique. Discover new skills, chapters, and challenges as you progress through the game. Adapt, strategize, and overcome the odds!

Fighting alongside Friends
Meet more friends and embark on new adventures together. You can also build your own guild with your friends, working together to challenge powerful bosses for great rewards.

To find out more about the game or give us feedback, please follow our social media account:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gaming/zombieioofficial
Discord: discord.gg/prR6q46yve

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Zombie io user reviews :

From 5 chapter it’s not impossible to pass forward. There are either too many and fat monsters, or TOO MANY of small ones. I’ll give it another 2 or 3 days and if I can’t accomplish the 5th level – I’ll give it 1* and uninstall it. EDIT: I passed 5th level, but stuck on 6th. The difficulty raises exponentially and while the previous level you pass, the next one will be impossible. That’s trash. I won’t give 1* just because of cool graphics I like.

Después de jugar 6 días, supera altamente al survivor.io (juego que jugaba) mejoras espectaculares de gráficos, jugabilidad más amigable con menos tiempo en misiones de campaña, lo único que sigo sintiendo ausente en ambos es que los objetos que equipas no se reflejan en el personaje, eso lo recontra potenciaría, las skins son lo de menos la gracia es ver lo que te equipas. A los que se quejan de pay to win voy por el nivel 15 hay que entender la dinámica, paciencia, crecer poco a poco…

I desperately want to like this game, but the pay-to-win mechanics are out of control. Despite there are multiple passes that each cost like $35 for the intermediate and advanced, they added another that’s a whopping $50 just for the advance. Together, it’s like $80 dollars. This was a good game until the developers became greedy. This is a warning to new players. Be prepared to pay $100s if you want to progress and be competitive in the ranks.

Extremely unbalanced. One level is pathetically easy, next level is impossible. Absolutely no balance, they put too many nonsense random colors on the screen so it’s hard to see incoming projectiles. Not a very good game, just made to look pretty to get people to spend. I would do 0 stars if I could. Just another garbage greedy game company

Unrealistic without spending money. I was doing great and now hit a point where you are not strong enough to defeat levels. There are side fights with other players, but you get grouped with other players that are 100,000 plus points stronger, so there is no chance in winning. The game asks you to get accomplishments in extreme challenges, yet doesn’t give options to upgrade what’s needed when offered. Lacks consistency of skill selection and gem drops from killing enemies. Bugs need fixed.

fun game overall. you have an event going now where you can swap s grade equipment… but will only let you do it if you pay for it. it says it has an option to swap with 6,800 gems but will not let you accomplish it. it does not bring up the screen to add weapons to exchange. this would be an excellent game overall if it didn’t have the difficulty spikes where you absolutely have to pay for stuff

Great game but experiencing bugs. I would love to give a higher ranking but when choosing certain attributes to enhance your characters ability while in a match (such as bowling ball or shurkien), the ability never shows up on screen and does nothing. Also the abilities of pets and heros do the same, its bugged to where they just run around with you and their ability doesnt show or does nothing. Please fix these problems and I will change my review to 5 stars.

you never have to watch a single ad, they’re entirely voluntary. it’ll never be forced on you. I haven’t spent a dime yet, but you really don’t need to. it’s a VERY fair amount of progression you can make without paying. really a super surprisingly solid game. very fun, no ads, good progression without P2W. play this one lol you’ll like it

only thing I absolutely hate hate hate about this game is how slow the stamina is once u run out you only get basically 1 challenge per hour maximum time to complete a run is like 9 mins, so even if you’re winning and completing dailys and all your things you still end up waiting hours between play on repeat mode to do a half hours worth of playing to wait hours again, that bothers me so much. I want that changed more than anything else cuz it would be nice to play for an hour or two or 3

One of the best in the genre. Would like to see a battery saver / low graphics mode. Also I’ve noticed the graphics setting always reverts back to “high” after restarting the game.

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