Soul Battles – Dive into Tetris-style gameplay

[Game] Soul Battles – Block Puzzle

Soul BattlesBlock Puzzle with a Twist

Soul Battles offers a unique twist on the classic block puzzle genre. Dive into Tetris-style gameplay, where merging and matching blocks takes on a whole new dimension. Solve intricate puzzles in our Block Blast mode or explore endless possibilities in our captivating Blocks adventure!

Soul Battles: The Ultimate Block Puzzle Adventure
Welcome to the world of Soul Battles, where strategic puzzle battles collide with mind-bending challenges! Are you ready to embark on an epic journey filled with block puzzles that will test your wits and tactical skills?

Compete and Collaborate
Challenge your friends and family to epic Puzzle Games or team up for exciting Board Games. It’s not just a game; it’s a social experience! Play with friends anytime, anywhere, and show your strategic prowess.

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You’ve probably been playing Block Puzzle games like Woodoku and Block Blast and PvP games such as Monopoly Go!, Coin Master and Dice Dreams. Now you can enjoy both worlds but playing a unique block puzzle experience and interacting with your friends and family.

Key Features
Dive into mind-bending puzzles that will challenge your skills.
Enjoy multiple game modes, including Block Blast and Board Games.
Connect with friends and challenge each other to thrilling matches.
Compete with your friends by visiting them on their boards, like in games like Coin Master, Dice Dreams, and more!
Thrilling missions that will test your strategic skills and unlock exciting rewards.

How to Play:
Gently tap and drag colorful tile blocks onto the 9×9 board, creating a rhythmic experience in sorting and matching.
In the world of classic block puzzle games, strategic matching of rows or columns is the key to clearing colorful block jigsaws.
When the bars are filled you will trigger different mini-games with other players such as attacking them, stealing their coins, and much more.
Block puzzle jigsaws are static, enhancing the challenge and introducing an element of uncertainty. Logic and critical thinking are your tools to ensure the best block placements, offering a thrilling IQ and brain test.

Becoming a Puzzle Master
Utilize the available space on the board to maximize your chances of achieving high scores in this fun and satisfying puzzle game.
Carefully select the optimal placement for the puzzle pieces based on the shapes of colored tile jigsaws.
Compete with others on who makes more lines, double lines, catches items from the board and much more.
Plan the positions of multiple cube blocks ahead, considering not only the current block but also future placements.
Analyze the vacant spots on the puzzle game board and anticipate potential jigsaw shapes of blocks.

If you’re in search of a classic and free puzzle game, “Soul Battles” is the perfect choice. This block puzzle game offers offline gameplay without the need for WiFi and combines elements from beloved brain games like 1010, Sudoku block puzzles, match 3 cube challenges, and woody puzzle adventures. It’s an ideal way to pass the time! Download this free puzzle game cherished by players of all age groups and share the enjoyment with friends and family!

Join the Block Puzzle revolution, unleash your inner strategist, and dominate the puzzle world in Soul Battles! Download now and embark on an unforgettable puzzle adventure!

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Soul Battles user reviews :

I loved this game but it isn’t loading the side events gifts I’m reaching targets but not receiving items and I had bn building up to get the final prize if not fixed I will uninstall gutted though

I love that there’s a game finally that’s not just the normal match 3’s or ones like candy crush. gets so old all the games being the same. I thought this has really cool cartoon graphic characters, I love the play of old school Tetris like game, and then add in the attack/raid features like coin master type games, really fun!

great game so far but you run out of energy too fast,then have to wait forever to fill up or you have to purchase more.

It’s definitely different. I think I like it. I’m still learning the rules. I’ve never seen a block puzzle quite like it.

Super easy to play, an fun too. Takes times when your bored, an fulfills it with some fun.

Great game but, as always, energy levels are an issue so you only get a short time to play each time. It’s a shame because it’s an otherwise fun game.

  • Hi Lea. Thank you for sharing your experience. We want to provide a good experience and will work to improve this. We are working on new features to provide opportunities to earn more free rewards! Thanks for playing!

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