My Dear Farm – Grow your crops to grow your business

[Game] My Dear Farm

My Dear Farm Decorating with vegetables had never been as fun!

Grow your crops with love and enjoy this sim farming-adventure!

Customize your character! Set out into this horticultural adventure being your best farmer self. Change your appearance, hairstyle, and even your pet to your liking!
Grow your crops to grow your business! Once you’re done harvesting the products of your hard labor, go into the marketplace to sell your wares and build your farming empire!
Collect and decorate! My Dear Farm is filled to the brim with interesting furniture and decoration sets to unlock so your farm can look as stylish as you want it to be!

My Dear Farm user reviews :

Good game! It has cute graphics and pleasant colours and a variety of nice objects you can decorate your farm with! Even if there’s not much stuff you can do yet, I find that decorating my farm from time to time is pleasing all by itself. If I may, I would like to make a suggestion: perhaps you could add a feature where you can try out clothing before buying it. It would help quite a bit with picking out clothes!

Such a cute and relaxing game, I thought this just gonna be another “that” farming game, but hey it’s different and it makes me excited! Then after 2 weeks, it felt so repetitive and no more things to do other than waiting for mailbox, decorating, and tapping plants. It would be great if there’s daily goal, storyline, mini games, or any other more activities to do so there’s more reasons to get engaged.

I personally think that some of these reviews might be a little unfair. Is the game play simple? Yes. Is there an abundance of ad opportunities for extra decor items? Yes. Do the vegetables hibernate after a set amount of play time? Yes. AND the simple gameplay is soothing, calming and cute. The decor shop refreshes regularly, making ads optional. Vegetable hibernation forces players to take a break from gaming and interact with the real world. I love playing this game and highly recommend it.

Cute game! Only issues I have are, I’ve already made my farm as large as it will go and I have more things I want to place that I can’t. I also wish there was a way to sell items you don’t need. It would also be cute if you could choose a pet to walk around with your character. Also the ability to purchase skip add tickets or something would be awesome.

It’s a great game! Relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. No annoying ads and it’s actually in your control to view them. It’s stress free :3 My only issue was that the watering feature wasn’t really explained. I have no idea what it does and it ticks me a little bit but it’s not a big problem!! Thank you for this game it’s amazing!!

It only took a few days to hit the max xp level (8), purchase all available land and to completely use up all space available in the game. Need to be able to sell unwanted items and it would be nice to upgrade plants for more coins/ xp by having 5 identical items and combining them or a similar upgrade system. Overall the game has great potential and is easy to progress without paying any money, especially if you complete one of the optional tasks to earn free gems by playing a suggested game.

Severely underdeveloped. Cute graphics and all, but very limited gameplay. There’s no achievements or goals or anything to work towards. It’s just plant, harvest, buy more, repeat. There’s no timer on the crops, no ability to preview items such as clothing and decorations. Too early to be released.

  • Thank you for playing our game and feedback. We’ll share it with our developers.

This game gives you free will, it tells you at first how everything works. Usually I get stuck at this part yet I understood quite fast! You get to customize ur character and land. It gives you many options to watch ads to earn items, so even if you don’t want to continuously buy things with ur hard earned money. Then you can always watch ads! Favorite game of the year. It does however need more interactive things to keep you equally invested.

This game is absolutely adorable, it reminds me of the game Harvest Moon but with a soft and cozy art style. It’s a great past time game, it also doesn’t allow you to focus on playing too much which is a good feature to have for a mobile game. I wish they’d update the pose of the character, it only has one idle pose and no animation. I also think that they need to update the way the shop works, by adding how much the plants costs when you sell them and even include cute plant boxes.

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