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Vacation Tycoon Ever dreamed of starting your own tropical paradise? Wanted to become a Resort Tycoon? Are you looking for a holiday? Then Vacation Tycoon is the perfect idle resort game for you!

Our concierge team is here for your feedback, questions, and all your Tycoon needs at vacationtycoon[at]

Start building your Resort and work your way towards becoming the number one vacation destination in the world! Start a new Resort every season to gain more bonuses and earn more money. Paradise begins with you!

It’s as simple as one tap to start building your Resort Empire. Guests arrive in style, in a YACHT, then start tapping your way to the top!

Expand and diversify your resort with different shops and buildings for your guests to explore. Build hotels, restaurants, spas, golf courses and many many more!

Earn and collect different Resort Managers to help build the perfect paradise! Each Manager is equipped with unique abilities! Promote your Managers to increase your money making abilities so that you can relax and focus on building to become a Vacation Tycoon!

Everybody CONGA! Celebrate the good times with your guests and start your own conga line! Make some extra money while you tap away to the rhythm and beat!

Reach milestones in your businesses and collect Trunks to unlock rewards. Money, Tokens, Upgrades and more are ready for you to earn!

Vacation Tycoon is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Playing Vacation Tycoon requires an internet connection. Vacation Tycoon includes advertising for third parties, some of which may be targeted to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising by using your mobile device settings (e.g. by re-setting your device’s advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest based ads).

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Vacation Tycoon user reviews :

One of the first speech bubbles has no way to get past it, “When you reach certain upgrade milestones, you get a profit boost!” Game is frozen at this point, have tried tapping every spot on the screen, restarted the game, uninstalled and redownloaded, nothing can get past it…..After emailing back and forth with their great customer service, they fixed that problem, still giving it a shot but event seems to take very long and is giving a lot of play to win vibes

  • Glad to hear you’re able to play, Kevin! If you encounter any other issues or have suggestions on what you’d like to see added or changed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team within the game (tap your Season – settings icon – ‘Get Help’) or at vacationtycoon[at]

I was really looking forward to this game with the expectation that it would bring something new to the genre… If doesn’t sadly. It really just like the other games in their collection but with different graphics. Graphically it’s pleasing but it doesn’t but doesn’t anything new.. Shame, but think I will stick to adventure communist. Like other reviewers have stated the games is not very stable, was it release ready? I I too had numerous occasions when I had to restart the game due to lock up.

  • Thanks for your feedback, and sorry to hear about your freezing issues, Stephen! This game does require higher device specs than our previous games, so if you can update your OS version that may help improve game performance. If you continue to have issues, our support team can be reached at vacationtycoon[at]

Just OK! Definitely feels like a step back for them in the idle category. Does not tell you cost to upgrade businesses, no explanation for how to complete season tasks, and half the time watching a video for a reward freezes game and you don’t get the reward. It is fine for a idle time killer but I would check out their other ‘adventure’ idle games instead.

  • Thanks for your review, Christopher! Your suggestions have been passed along to our dev team. We’re working on implementing new features and tweaks based on player feedback, so we appreciate hearing from you.

I’ve been a long time hyper hippo game player and was so excited to see something new. Sadly I’m extremely let down with this one. I don’t mind spending a little on my entertainment, especially when I support a company, but the micro transactions are just beyond casual game spending. Also, the drop rates in comparison to the need of progression is terrible. 1 card and very little tokens in crates and then requiring excessive amounts of both of those is crazy.

  • Thank you so much for the honest feedback. We will pass this on to our developers as we work on improvements. If you would like to share suggestions, send us a message anytime (tap your Season > settings > ‘Get Help’)!

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