myWear File Explorer – Use your smartwatch to backup your files

[App] myWear File Explorer

myWear File ExplorerManage your files and folders on your smartwatch.

Works ONLY on devices with Wear OS (former Android Wear).

The app’s file transfer is limited to files with approximately 65 MB.

It manages FILES and FOLDERS.

If files aren’t being transferred try changing the destination folder on watch.

Due security changes in the latest versions of Wear OS, for the app to work properly user will have to enable permission manually. On watch go to:

1- Settings
2- Apps & notifications
3- App info
4- myWear File Explorer
5- Permissions
6- Files and media
7- Allow all the time

Copy, delete, move (cut) and rename files and folders directly on the smartwatch.

Send your files from your smartphone or tablet to your smartwatch in a simple way.

Send files from smartwatch to your smartphone or tablet.

Use your smartwatch to backup your files.

Compatible with Android Wear 1.0 and 2.0 (Wear OS). Includes keyboard for Android Wear 1.0 (Wear OS).

Functionalities included:

Create, view and edit text files (.txt).
Open files in PDF format as text or as image.
Open image files (.png, .jpg, .gif and .bmp).
Create, rename, copy, move and delete folders.
Display thumbnails of images.
Multiple selection of files and folders.
Open ePub files (simple ePub reader without links).

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myWear File Explorer user reviews :

I’m not sure what stars to give it. It was working great fir a while. Then as usual samsung decided they didn’t want us making the stuff we paid for our own. The latest update put a stop to us adding our own notifications and ringtones. Oh it does upload and shows up but not in the ringtones or notifications place. Also You Suck samsung stop doing this. Hopefully the maker of this app can do a workaround.

Excellent with one caveat. While the manager is functionally excellent yet simple, the added open pdf as text or pdf does away with the ability to open pdfs with better pdf readers such as the sideloaded google pdf viewer. A toggle in the settings to disable the inbuilt pdf viewing options would be excellent.

Could use a few little extras, but cant be too critical as it does what it says on the tin. Quick and simple way to transfer files to watch, and on watch, manage your files on internal storage.

  • Thank you.

Great App but it may need update as I think latest watch update broke it…I’ve been trying to re add custom ringtones using the app on watch but it’s not playing ball this time…I’m thinking it’s Samsung screwing us over again (which is why we can’t have nice things) but when this app worked it was awesome…now my watch is boring without my ringtones. Hope the creator will find a way to fix this…

  • Obrigado pela avaliação e comentário. Esse aplicativo é um gerenciador de arquivos ele não configura os ringtones, só te permite salvar os arquivos de ringtones na pasta. O sistema do relógio pelo visto não está mais buscando os ringtones na pasta ringtones, o problema é que não sei o que eles mudaram.

I wanted to add some ringtones and notifications to my watch . This app was perfect . I didn’t even install the phone companion app , just grabbed the watch version from the watch itself . It was as simple as adding folders to music folder then copying them from the music folder to the new destination folder , reboot the phone . Done!

  • Thank you

EDITED. Original posted one star but after being contacted by the developer wirhin hours and further instructions I changed the names of the folders on my Galaxy 4 watch and then the files transferred over. I had to copy and paste the files to the appropriate folder and change the folder names back to the original name. Restarted the watch and the files appeared where they needed. App does as advertised.

  • Did you try to change the destination folder?

Doesn’t work with Galaxy 4 Classic. After selecting files to transfer nothing happens. Galaxy Wearable app can move those files just fine EDIT: turns out it works. Took 3 days for the watch to realize the files are there… which makes me think that this app is not telling the watch the files have been added and it literally has to stumble upon them when doing other things to update it’s content list.

  • It’s not like this. When you send a file via bluetooth you use an Android “data transfer layer” and set its priority, I set the highest priority. The watch will keep listening for changes in that layer, when there is an event, Wear OS will check if it is from a specific location and start transferring the file, byte by byte.

It worked first time but after new watch update its just not wokring may be needed some code fix to work. Can you please check and update I use samsung halacy S5 watch

How I got this app to work on my Samsung phone and Galaxy Watch 4: On the watch, Settings – Apps – Permissions – myWear File Exp. – and click the Files and Media to make sure “all the time” is checked. Open the app on the watch, click the 3 side dots & create a new folder in the main storage. Now click the dots again to access the settings of the File Explorer, & click the file path so you can change it to the Folder you made. Now, use the app on the phone. Takes a few minutes before it shows up

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