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Classicboy Pro  Classicboy Pro simulates dozens of classic game consoles/handhelds, let you play tens of thousands of retro video games on your Android devices.

Beside the traditional touchscreen and gamepad input, you can remap the buttons to gestures and accelerometer to make your gaming more funny.

The professional version comes with ROMs scanner and games database so that you can easily find, identify, and sort your games library.

There are more than twenty emulation cores are supported in the professional version which includes PCSX-ReARMed, Beetle-PSX, Mupen64Plus, VBA-M, mGBA, Desmume, MelondS, Snes9x, FCEUmm, Genplus, Yabause, FB Alpha, MAME-arcade (0.78 and 0.139 romset), NeoPop, NeoCD, Stella, Beetle-PCE, Cygne, etc.


Play games from start
Resume game states from battery-sram files
Adjust game running speed in Turbo mode
ROMs scanner and management
Touchscreen input by on-screen 2D buttons
Graphic buttons editor for position and size definition. Graphic buttons appearance custom settings such as style, scale, animation, opacity etc.
External gamepad/keyboard input, maximum 4 players are supported
Switch between digital and analog D-pad at runtime
Controller profiles.
Custom settings for game audio/video
Game data export/import
Game cheats function


All features in free version
Resume game states from auto-saves and slots-saves
Gestures controller
Sensor controller
More plugins are downloadable and more games are emulated


Internet: download external plugins to support more games emulation
Access external storage: optional and only needed below Android 10, read games data and app settings
Vibrate: optional, support game controller feedback
Modify audio settings: support audio reverb
Bluetooth: support wireless game controller connection

This app request external storage write/read permission only below Android 10 to access game data and app settings, your private information includes photos and media files will NOT be accessed.

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Classicboy Pro user reviews :

This is one of the best emulator apps out there for classic games. I can play what I have on my phone without much of an issue, the cool thing is if you have a curtain cable you can hook up any controller to your phone, map out the buttons in the emulator and use your controller instead of the buttons on screen which makes it easier. I hope one day the people who made this app find a way to make one for the PS2 era of games

I love the new interface. I am a big fan of the thumbnail view. It’s almost like shuffleing through your carriages/disks. Some thoughts on other useful features I’d like added: 1. The ability to delete a file from the context menu. 2. Being able to associate a file with a particular game in the database. (Usefull for patched translations) 3. It would be nice to be able to collapse a specific system list in the thumbnail view so that we don’t have to scroll through all of them every time.

I’m not sure why this has such low rating, it works great on ths obsolete junk tablet! Basically turned e-waste into a great little retro emulation machine! I like the scan function, thumbnails and custom controls per emulator core. If you have an old phone or tablet and you want to convert it to a retro emulation machine, this is a great choice with good compatibility.

It good so far but I’m glad that they fix somethings like the mgba B button if only that they could fix n64 graphic video and sound too for the low end phone. that can play any games you want to play that could be nice. But Im having a problem with the touch screen buttom im not getting the button size to go big but not to big. So that i wanted to play the game perfect on the screen.

Why does my rom List keep getting erased? I spent a lot of time updating game names and thumbnails and then I log in one day and the list is empty and I have to do it all again. Very frustrating. (Set Review to 3 stars still because the app is really good, and graphical interface is new update so I am hoping they will fix the bugs with it in time)

Like the emulators but mine just updated now I can’t use my save states on games. I get “gamestate not compatible with core version” even starting up new game and trying to make a new save it acts the same. any help would be appreciated

App is excellent and easy to use. It has many emus and options for more. My only complaint is that I bought the full version on another phone and after upgrading I have been demoted back to the free version. I made sure I was logged into Google as the help suggested. As awesome as the app is, I’m not going to buy it Everytime I get a new phone. If someone could fix this it would be a 5star product for sure.

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