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[App] Namatata – Calm Meditation, Relax and Sleep

Namatata   Discover the basics of meditation in just seven calming sessions.

You can then choose to meditate daily or whenever works best for you with access to hundreds of new guided meditations. Whether you’re looking to relax, manage stress, sleep better, increase well being and balance in your life, alleviate anxiety or focus on breath-work exercises, you’ll find the perfect guided meditation session on Namatata.

What do you have access to?

A personalized page to follow your personal development and that of any friend you’re encouraging to meditate
The ability to download new meditation and relaxation sessions for offline use
Sleep stories and soothing sounds with a timer setting to serve as the ultimate sleep aid for adults or to get kids sleeping quicker and easier
Meditation techniques to incorporate into daily life, including relaxation sounds for a deeper sense of calm or classic sessions to meditate in silence
Positive psychology exercises to help you release stress and anxiety and develop emotions of well being such as gratitude and balance
Guided meditation that incorporates a calming voice plus music or soothing sounds to accompany the mind on its new journey to relaxation and well being
Calming breath-work exercises that you can do in the morning or at any time that you want to breathe your way into a conscious state of calm

What are the benefits of meditation?

In today’s world, as our stress levels keep rising, the concept of mindfulness to attract happy moments and breathe calm into our lives is booming. Inspired by the MBSR and MBCT program, the power of the present moment makes it possible to manage:
– stress
– anxiety
– social phobia
– depression
– sleep issues

You’ve probably said to yourself many times: “I think too much and feel out of balance” or asked yourself: “How can I manage my stress better, be happy and relax more?”

Studies show that when men and women take time to meditate daily at home, in a studio, out in nature—even for a quick timer-based session—your stress levels decrease while happy feelings that help you relax and feel calm increase.

Daily meditation—whether doing a quick session with a timer first thing in the morning or breath-work exercises last thing at night—helps you relax and stay calm in stressful situations, feel more well being, create more balance in your life, increase conscious positivity and also works as a sleep aid to help you improve sleep and combat anxiety with no studio required. It’s your happiness cheat sheet!

These exercises to meditate—some of which are taken from hypnosis theory—will help men and women in cases of extreme anxiety, in handling stress in more calming ways or for increasing happy vibes that come with conscious positivity. You don’t have to pay for an expensive studio because you can get all these benefits with Namatata!

The gentle voice of our meditation experts and calming sounds will help you slip into a new state of calm that will let you breathe easier and relax. A few breath-work or sleep aid stories will be enough to improve sleep.

As men and women, we’re always thinking about what we have to do for our kids, family, friends, co-workers…but by always living in the future or in stories of the past, we forget the present moment. Taking time for oneself, setting up a morning relaxation routine through breath-work exercises or quiet time with a timer, working on breathing and sleeping better—these are important factors for healthy personal development.

Through the power of meditation, men, women and kids can learn how to manage stress over the long term and live in the present moment. You don’t need a studio or secluded location to learn these precious life skills—you can breathe easier with a few minutes in the morning or improve sleeping habits right from home. For kids, sleep stories and sounds that encourage their sleeping are also a huge benefit.

If you have any questions, send us an email. We’ll be happy to answer them!

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Namatata user reviews :

This is my favorite app for meditation. There are so many options for what you might need, and the mentor is very peaceful. If I could fix one thing on the app, the optional background sounds will skip occasionally when looping, I’d fix that, but I don’t think that’s worth removing a star.
  • Namatata
  • Merci pour ce commentaire
This has really helped me to get my husband on board with meditation where other formats have failed. We have taken a few sessions of the intro to meditation course. I like the instructor’s accent and the meditations are very relaxing.
  • Namatata
  • Bonjour , Merci pour votre message Seriez-vous intéressée par des méditations en lien avec les sujets d’actualité ? Prenez soin de vous  Antoine Gerlier Fondateur de Namatata
Day 3, for now the three sessions are fantastic; perfect pase, timing and with ability to choose background sound – absolutely amazing – makes it personalised and customised. Excellent! Can’t wait to proceed. Thank you!
  • Namatata
  • Bonjour , Merci pour votre message Aimeriez-vous y trouver des méditations en lien avec les sujets d’actualité ? Prenez soin de vous  Antoine Gerlier Fondateur de Namatata

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