NecroMerger – Manage your lair and minions

[Game] NecroMerger – Idle Merge

NecroMergerThe Devourer is always hungry and it’s your job to feed it in this idle merge game mashup.

Play as the NecroMerger and use dark magic to summon an army of creatures (skeletons, zombies, demons, banshees… the list goes on). Merge them from piddly little grunts into massive (and tasty) brutes, before feeding them to your ever hungry pet.

As you grow your Devourer you’ll attract the attention of merchants, champions and even rivals. Some can be useful, others must be fought… or fed to your insatiable pet. The bigger the Devourer grows the more your lair will expand and you’ll unlock powerful abilities and spells.

Complete feats to unlock new stations and equipment… graves, altars, fridges and even a bathtub to hold excess slime. New stations will let you summon new, stronger (and even more tasty) creatures. Manage your lair and minions to maximize your resource generation.

NecroMerger is a whole new type of game that combines merge and idle mechanics with resource management to create something truly unique.

Grow Monsters
70+ creatures to spawn and merge.
Creatures have unique abilities to manage (resource generation, damage, deliciousness)
Legendary Creatures with big benefits.

Expand your Lair
Expand your lair. Unlock new equipment including; graves, supply cupboards and portals.
Attract Champions, merchants and thieves to your lair.
Complete feats, master spells, brew potions.

Idle Merge Mashup
A unique system of resource management.
Resources generate even when you’re offline.
Months of fun!

From the makers of Idle Apocalypse and Idle Mastermind, NecroMerger has the humour and inane chatter you’d expect of a Grumpy Rhino Game.

NecroMerger user reviews :

Fun but free energy drains too quick. I do really enjoy everything about it. Great music, visuals, tons of tasks at the same time. I’m at level 13 and even after watching the 4 limited ads, I run out of energy and can’t play. Only takes me about 10 minutes or so to not be able to play for a few hours. I would love to play for 30 minutes sometimes but I can’t haha

Great unique game. Charming Sprites, Fun Soundtrack (although I wish there was more music). It has a great UI and a theme I really dig. The game has lost to explore and uncover, however it’s not without its flaws. Namely, there’s a premium store if you’d like to spend money, there you can purchase upgrades such as app removal, bonus damage, increased storage etc. Although not needed, it would have been nice to include the add removal in the premium bundle I stead of 2 separate purchases.

I didn’t want to be eaten by the devourer! In all seriousness, it’s such a fun game. I love the graphics, the pixels are smooth and extremely well done, yeah, there’s some waiting when it comes to mana and slime regeneration but it’s not something I personally find annoying! Super fun, super cool, love the spook factor, *chefs kiss*, great game!

So far this is really fun. Honestly when I saw it for predownload the 8-bit definitely drew me in, but I kind of thought it might just be another run-of-the-mill merger game. But after having a decent amount of time with it, it seems fairly unique in some aspects, the banter from the necromerger is fun and quippy, and I love the art style. I recommend at least giving it a try. (Oh, if this matters the ads are NOT invasive and so far I’ve only run into them to replenish resources which is fair.)

Presentation and theme is cool but the energy system really brings this one down, it is… questionable at best. Energy is in separate pools for different generators, and regenerates at a seemingly random amount, roughly equivalent to one item per 2min. However as you have multiple pools, I logged in after a few hours with little bits of energy in 2x pools, and less than 1 item worth in the third. Makes it incredibly annoying to progress, especially then adding tasks with timed generation.

Very fun game so far, love the monsters and animations. One reason it’s getting one less star is for whatever reason it gets to a point where I can’t watch ads for chests or frozen ice blocks that appear so they take up space until it decides I can watch an ad. I know I can just feed them to the devourer but I’d rather open the chests and unfreeze the minion.

Usually I don’t like the idea of merge nor idle games but this game caught me unprepared. The theme is amazing and the reward of progression feels good. It certainly does not repeat itself. The only problem is “play zone” is a little bit short to handle all those different monsters. I’m sure they will make it more balanced in the future!

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