Necropolis – Explore the vast world of might and magic

[Game] Necropolis – Story of Lich

Necropolis Collect heroes, obtain mythic units like medusa or beholder and explore new worlds.

You play as a Lich king – a powerful necromancer and your undead army rise day by day. Play epic heroes and magic and duel other players in epic turn-based strategy battles.

Explore the vast world of might and magic games pierced through with the powers of light and darkness. Meet legendary heroes and fight epic RPG battles with terrifying enemies. Follow the story of the Necromancer and finish his quest. Step into the darkness and meet might and magic creatures, who will stop at nothing to get what they came for.

Necropolis: Story of Lich brings you the ultimate PVP duels. Build the leading party of epic heroes, work on your team tactics and challenge other players in the PVP Strategy Arena daily. Fight your way to the top to win glory and epic rewards!

Build and upgrade your dark empire. Climb up the Dark Tower for constant challenges, complete quests and fight your enemies in the magic arena, explore vast dungeons of might and magic and play against legendary powerful black dragons and minotaurs. Gain bloodthirsty vampires and werewolves and build a legion of walking dead from the Necropolis, a horde of warlords.

Over 50+ epic heroes and magic monsters are available in your collection! Upgrade and improve their power and special skills. Collect as many as you can!

Explore all of the events and collect as many rewards as you can!

Do you want to play a mobile game like heroes of might and magic? Win every turn-based games battle? Try Heroes and Magic Necropolis: Story of Lich. It’s time for an amazing RPG role-playing adventure to begin! Your enemy is one of the fantasy world’s mighty creatures like a mighty dragon, mage or from the brave castle human race. Heroes and Magic turn-based strategy game is waiting for you!

Necropolis user reviews :

This a great game on the surface, based on heroes of might and magic. But it has the fault of all mobile games. Instead of charging $10 or $20 for a whole game, they have created a game that is missing parts of a game structure and cannot be played freely unless you spend real money and a lot of it. The “best deal” is over $160 Australian dollars. I spent $25ish to reward the developers for making a fun game – but I went through the gems gold etc in minutes. It’s better value to buy homm3HD.

Game is not consistent and as you level up, rewards stay the same. You can beat a huge, very difficult army weeks into the game and receive 10 gold and 1 wood, same as if you beat 10 beginner skeletons. The cost of everything goes up exponentially yet the amount of resources received stays the same. You hit a wall and must pay to get resources to keep playing at a normal level. Everything gets expensive and you can’t collect enough resources to play everyday. Typical pay to play to be successful

You do got to spend a little to get started off in a faster pace, compares to other app games. This game is alot cheaper. You get more bang for your buck just buying the .99 or 2.99 packs. So unless you want to wait to collect dailies which take a long time to collect a good amount.

Starts off fun, but you hit a very expensive pay wall to get past 3rd map. After every battle, it’s pay or ads to be able to play. There are limits on events, the only other way to obtain resources. Prices for gems and gold are astronomical for the paltry amounts given. This game is whale hunting, hoping the tiny taste gets you to open your wallet, deep. If you get 1st place EVERY TIME in arena, it helps you tread water as a freebie player, making it playable every 3 days.

I would give 5 stars if it wasn’t for the constant ads. After a higher level the game is unplayable. After a higher level you have to watch an ad after every single battle if you want to battle again and that means approx every 2-3 minutes. It came to a point where i watch more ads than I actually play the game so I don’t see any point to play it more.

Over all good game it seems you have to try and beat the events and ( bosses in them!!! ) to be able to gain more cards quickly to advance in the campaign ( Everything you need is in the map ) and in the arena. although it seem seems I’m struggling in the arena and the campaign as the game play freezes so no moves can be made and I have to back out and lose ? This is the only problem.

Game is okay have few small bugs here and there tho.. nothing what would change game outcome tho.. just some visual things. Like showing new event as past even. Or when you move map some grass got disappeared or two space mops can sometimes let others attack enemy.. I think these was most common things what I see

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