Merge War – Craft a deck of dragons

[Game] Merge War – Army Draft Battler

Merge WarMerge and match in this roguelike auto chess puzzle game to upgrade your legion!

Use strategy to craft a deck of dragons, archers, and wizards into your collection. Merge them into epic heroes to beat your opponents!

Strategy Auto Chess Depth
Use strategy and tactics to set up your formation, draft your legion and utilize your skills to win!

Upgrade Legion Collection
Expand your deck and collect dozens of unique cards, each with many ranks and a unique powerful ultimate spell that unlocks at level 3!

Draft Dragon Merges
As a captain, merge dragons, knights, and kings in turn to get ultimate heroes to outplay your enemies on the battlefield!

Exciting Battle Simulation
Watch endless spectacular auto battles and defend your kingdom as the roguelike war unfolds over many levels!

Merge War user reviews :

Very fun at the start, but it’s getting frustrating once reach higher stage. Energy are less and not increase as leveling up, the randomizer of summons hero is a bit suck some times. Conclusion as for now this game is has potential but surely need really really improve in many parts. Will stay installed it on my phone for now, let see. Updated: Monster level at higher stages of each world is getting unreal and imbalance with the player level progress, i cannot even pass lv 15 in world 2 st. 20

I really like this game, this is the kind of game I would have spent money on. But the boss on world 1 has been literally impossible to beat. I’ve been leveling up for days so I plow through everything else so quickly it’s boring, then slam into the wall there. So I’m just going to stop playing. It had a lot of potential!

The game is good and all but area one stage 20 you hit a massive wall where you can’t really pass because the boss one shots every unit and has a 230,000 hp getting new Heroes is nigh-on impossible unless you spend real money and the Egg and Ice thing takes way too long especially since you lose 90% of it if you can’t beat the level you’ll be lucky if you can maybe get 50 a lvl but when you need 2000 or 1500 of them it makes it take even longer than it already does and endless mode of useless

Just awesome! Its not that hard but you cant say its easy either, ’cause you really need to repeat some level many times in order to get to the boss. Especially that one massive skeleton king took me a while to defeat, but its all fun and addictive Great game!

This game is cute and awesome. The graphics doesn’t make your phone laggy, the gameplay is good. It has potential. My suggestions to improve the gameplay, make the unit can change position and increase the maximum energy to let players play more.

A decent enough game. The game is quite simple, not too hard and not too easy, though probably luck is also a big factor for success in this game for F2P players. The graphics are good and the performance is smooth enough. This game is fun enough for a time killer, but probably not that much to keep me engaged to this game for a longer time. But I probably would keep this game for a while to see how this game would evolve over time.

I love the game. The graphics, the gameplay. I’m just not a fan of the energy type games. I just want to play, I don’t see the point with the energy.

It’s an easy to learn, fun and a little brainstorming required game to play. I enjoy it, hope it has more future updates to make it much fun to play.

Amazing just great man need to update so u can move ur characters and there should be more levels on the hero’s also try putting in new enemys

It is actually good and the animation is smooth the gameplay is unique than others.I like game that have unique gameplay.

For now having fun playing this game, just some suggestions, needed option to sell heroes & move heroes position. Over all good.

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