Days of Empire – Immerse yourself into this Ottoman Empires

[Game] Days of Empire – Imperial Harem

Days of Empire  Your harem, your heroes, your beauties, your empire – the life of a King!

Brand new game-play system consist of thousands of beautiful women beckoning your rule! Mingle with these exotic beauties and strengthen your rule through heirs!

At the center of your empire stands a powerful hero system – helping you to quickly amass your armies, build your city, and lay waste to all those against you.

Download Days of Empire and rally your heroes! Crush your enemies and their wives!


Thousands of beauties await you!
Exquisite 3D art, rending the amazing women that surround you in stunning accuracy! No man can resist them!

Bleed for honor with heroes!
Newly released heroes are based on true historical figures with wide-ranging skills!

Raze and plunder cities!
Devise strategies to help you expand and advance or lead your army to victory and take magnificent cities by force!

The first mobile strategic game based on the Ottoman Empire!
Immerse yourself into this Ottoman Empires with real historical events, heroes and war!

Flexible troop formations!
With a vast array of soldiers, you can tailor your troop combinations and strategy to any situation!

Strategic battles!
Sick of hands-off battle systems? Our real-time battle system will test the limits of your strategic thinking. You’ll need to study the strategy, leadership, diplomacy and tactics of the Ottoman Empire itself. Manage resources, command troops, and rule the world!

Make friends!
Real-time voice chat and translation function; work as a group to attain victory and share the fruits of your labors together!

Explore the open world!
Hunt monsters in the wilds of the Turkish peninsula, explore secret dungeons hidden away below ancient ruins, challenge powerful guardians, and excavate the ancient treasure!


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Days of Empire user reviews :

The game is very good and is great but i want say to maker the game please dont make everything with money maybe someone cant pay a lots of money and who paying will take great prizes and theme of castel our dream is theme of castel

Honestly can’t say much about the gameplay, but so far was easy enough to understand and seems playable without being forced to spend money. Graphics are great, esp. for a mobile game. I just hate playing most games, esp. RTS ones, in landscape on my tablet and this doesn’t work (only portrait) and seemed only meant for mobile phones.

This game is decent for these kind of games. It’s a bit more complicated than some, and can use some improvement in every aspect, but I’d recommend this to anyone who likes these type of games.

I really liked this game it’s awesome but but I don’t like the graphics of the fights it supposed to be in 3D graphic it will be great if you can just make the fighting graphics 3D

great so far. I wish it wasn’t so expensive, it has a lot of in-app purchases and buildings can take forever to upgrade. that’s the only downside. but there is quite a bit of stuff to do while your waiting. I also like that you can talk to other players and translate different languages.

I would guess it is a good game but the screen does not fit my chrombook. it is only half there. I really wish more games like this one were suited to play on a chrombook where the screen fits and you can see the whole screen. I play a lot of games and can’t play them all on a phone. Maybe when I have room on my phone I will try it again. All well, graphics of what I saw were good at least but if your wanting to play it on a chrombook you won’t see the whole screen.

I have to say this is a good game. But developers must thing change the rules of the throne war. Our throne war is the 3 Excitement of the week . But people inside are manipulating the war giving it to one groop the one week then giving it agen to a nother the next . Haven’t You seen minimal drops of live are sold . Pl do somthing Methane the user is doing this to all of us . This can not go on like this. A lot of us will leave the game. We need exsitment competition

Love playing this game. So many different tasks and events to do. Being a member of an alliance is fun and beneficial too.

Latest Update :

New Coffee Artisan event!
New Empire Exploration event!
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