Miko Era – Defend the world of Akiba City

[Game] Miko Era – Twelve Myths

Miko EraExplore the world of Miko Era: Twelve Myths, a casual social MMORPG filled with unique races, challenging dungeons, and large guilds. Strive to be the strongest Miko Envoy in existence!

You, the strongest Miko Envoy, were tasked to raise 12 beautiful Mikos to defend the world of Akiba City. Humanity’s destiny is in your hands. Will you endure and triumph against the menace of these evil spirits or die trying to protect your city?

Witness The Growth Of The 12 Zodiac Mikos!

Protect Akiba City, In The Name Of God
Fight against evil spirits with 12 beautiful and powerful Zodiac Mikos by your side. Each has a unique personality and skills; Some are enthusiastic, some cheerful, and some are shy. Each of them has its exclusive skills. Tutoring them and nurturing them into the most powerful they can be, you, the most potent Miko Envoy in existence, must fulfill your destiny to protect Akiba City alongside them!

Step Onto A Journey Of Love!

[Tethered In Fate, Never Apart]
Meet, greet and fall in love with other players in Miko Era: Twelve Myths. Hold a wedding with your love and have a baby together when the time is right!

An Odyssey Of Bonding Love Starts Here!

Would You Choose To Fight When Faced With A Perilous Threat?

Hold onto your weapons and brace yourself! The demons are approaching Akiba City! Gather your Mikos and Yureis to fight alongside them to defend the City quickly! Your power will increase as you defeat monsters and gain rich rewards!

Your Fashion, Your Way!

Dress Yourself Up And Become The Center Of The Stage
Love to dress up and stand at the pinnacle of fashion? Now you can! Choose from a myriad of costumes and create your own unique look! The stage is ready! Are you?

Call Up, Guild Up, With Your Friends!

Joining Forces And Creating The Strongest Guild In Akiba City

Join battles and relax in hot springs with Guild Members! Every moment is precious when you spend your time with the right people! Met a like-minded friend but from a different guild? Join forces and become the strongest Guild in Akiba City together!

Trade Across Servers, No Strings Attached

Trading At Your Fingertips
Trading across servers seemed impossible? Not in Miko Era: Twelve Myths! Trade with whomever you want, where ever they are from! If it’s something you want, you can trade for it!

The Brute! The Burly! THE BRAWL!

Confident In Your Skills? Then Test It Out At The Brawl!
Death or glory! You CHOOSE! Drench yourself in the blood of your enemies in our PvP mode. Become the ultimate winner and win tons of Jade while at it! Don’t like to take matters into your hands? No worries! You can bet on your favorite contender here too! There’s always something for everyone in Brawl!

Ultimate Card Synergy! Power Up In Resonance!

Gather All The Cards And All The Powers
Defeat demons and collect Cards imbued with powerful magic!
You can upgrade it, boost your stats even further, and become absurdly strong! Complete a card set to activate its Resonance and watch as your stat soar to the moon!

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Miko Era user reviews :

it’s worth 5* the only thing I hate about this new game, is the screen is way too busy, its clutterd with all sorts, I like to see what is going on, but can’t, also the option to hide chats does not hide, also there’s WAY too many icons for a purchase, maybe 1 shop with all options in sections, sometimes hard to remember where to navigate with all the icons. otherwise it’s fun, beautiful, and generous. please clear the screen, make it less messy.

  • Greetings player! Thank you for your feedbacks! We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Do feel free to contact us on Facebook: @EyouMikoEra for further inquiries. Hope you enjoy the game. Thank you!

So far, I am enjoying the game. They give a lot of rewards and its fairly easy to lvl up. But there are some things that I don’t like and think that the game should improve on. 1. I think that they should reduce on the amount of event tabs, top up, etc and there should be a separate hide button for the upper and the lower stuff. This can get really overwhelming to new players so please hide them. 2. The world/system notifications. Idc what other ppl get. It’s very annoying whenever they pop up.

  • Greetings player! Thank you for supporting us! Do feel free to contact us on Facebook: @EyouMikoEra for further inquiries. Do enjoy the game! Thank you.

EDIT: As I advanced in the game. The screen became more cluttered to the point you had to position yourself just right so you could click on NPCs. It started to lag a lot. Glitching For being new. This game has smooth mechanics. Beautiful graphics. Love the options to auto run or manual run the game. Chat needs a little work like many before it. All in all 5stars. The only thing I’m picky about is the gender lock on classes and would like there to be a bit more customization to the characters.

  • Greetings player! Thank you for supporting us! We appreciate your comments and feedbacks. Do feel free to contact us on Facebook: @EyouMikoEra for any inquiries. Hope you enjoy the game! Thank you!

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