Tap Force – Clean up the streets of Metro City

[Game] Tap Force

Tap ForceWelcome to Tap Force! Head back to the ’90s and clean up the streets of Metro City in this new hero collector auto battle RPG!

Assemble a team of the ultimate 16-bit pixel fighters and watch them battle enemies, bosses, and even other players around the world. Arm your citizens by expanding your weapon shop business that runs even while you are offline!

Recruit & train 16-bit pixel fighters to form the toughest fighting team
Sell weapons to your citizens by opening a variety of martial arts weapon shops
Fight through hundreds of levels in the campaign which span multiple unique stages
Face off against other players in the PVP Arena and climb the ranks for special rewards
Join clubs with other players where you can chat with friends and compete in special group events
Beautiful 16-bit retro pixel art aesthetic
Featuring music from Mitch Murder

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Tap Force user reviews :

The game has very a very awesome aesthetic but unfortunately is riddled with micro/macro transactions everywhere. There’s at least 10 different purchasable bundles available at any given time, ranging from $5 to $100. Pulling characters is also underwhelming. While it has a great retro look, the characters don’t really stand out. I really wanted to like this game but everything is locked behind a paywall.

Starts OK but gets boring. Suddenly hit level 70 and it becomes impossible to progress unless and you are left with nothing to do as coins don’t generate quick enough to level up anything like what you need to do in order to get past the level. Will give it another day. If nothing progresses then it’s another one in the deleted folder.

Okay so the game itself is great, it’s super simple, easy to use, easier to play. The issue I have is once you get to a certain point in the game it becomes very slow unless you’re willing to spend money to level up your characters. The pricing on the bundles are absolutely RIDICULOUS, probably the highest I have ever seen on a game that really shouldn’t cost any one a cent. Overall, fun but it’s money hungry just like every other app on this stupid play store. Unfortunate really

Been playing for a while now and it’s a great game in most all aspects. They nail the graphics, music and animation but for me at least, I’m now at a point that I have my main group at the limit that I can level up with not much to do other than logging in daily and hoping I get the right character to progress a little more. My current level is 47 or 48 and I’m pretty much at a wall now.

It’s a fun game but there are times where you are forced to pay. An example would be in the summoning portion of the game. You see that lock on the top left. That means you need to be a VIP and at a certain level of that VIP you can unlock it. Now if you are trying to get that 1 elite unlock that you need 1000 elite cartridges it will take you forever to get it and once you receive those 1000 elite cartridges you will not be able to unlock it without actually paying them real money.

Fun game at first, well paced and simple mechanics, but all in all it’s very enjoyable. That being said, once you hit player level 30+ the game slows to a grinding hault. The pay wall is also massive. I have no problem kicking some money to the developers of a game to support them, but unless you are willing to drop 80-100 dollars this game hits the point where it is simply unplayable.

Meh, its just too convoluted. Way too much extraneous stuff for such simple gameplay. Could be more enjoyable if some of the various currencies and menus and whatnot were parked back a fair bit.

The game is super fun. The art style is amazing. Biggest problem I have is obtaining building materials. RNG at its finest. Wish there was a way to maybe purchase them or maybe use 40 shards to pick one. I have 12 Shovels, I just wanna upgrade my Sais. I wish you could also refresh the Market once a day or maybe have a coin shop. There’s definitely a slowdown point but I *personally* don’t mind. Very luck heavy but you can kinda steer where you wanna go.

  • Thank you very much for the kind words and we like the shop refresh idea!

This game is great to check in on a couple of times a day just to collect shop earnings. It gets a bit difficult to progress much without waiting for gold from your shop or getting better heroes by chance. However this is a minor issue and overall there felt like a minimal to no pay wall. There is no ads that I can recall and the premium currency can be earned quickly enough to make you spend it each day In the markets. It’s well balanced mainly and the abilities are usefull and though out.

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