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[Game] NewCity – City Building&Farming

NewCityNew city is your average modern city that has fallen to the wayside due to years of mismanagement. The city is now in need of help to make a name for itself.

You are the mayor that is going to make that happen. Create essential factories to put the city’s economy back on track. Collect taxes, create new tourist attractions and recreational facilities to attract visitors from around the world.
Create a utopia according to your ideals.

Experience a modern city builder set near a beach
Grow your city with more than 50 enticing buildings that each serve a function
More than 100 different products to produce and export
Grow your city’s population to unlock new buildings
Help different sectors of society come together from engineers, physicians, cooks, to industrials and so on.
Decorate your city and show off your aesthetic chops
Daily rewards for your unrelenting service
Unique art style and graphics with a folksy story
Farming, Ranching, Architecture and more

Looking to test your managerial skills? We have a leaderboard for that as well.
So if you’re looking to create a prosperous and modern city where everyone’s needs is prioritized, New City is the game for you.

NewCity user reviews :

Like the game but I can’t do daily tasks or watch a showtime in the cinema. Contacted for help but nothing happened. Collecting money every time from the buildings can be annoying. The higher the level, the slower the progress. But overall I love the game. Upgrading the power grid takes 5 days. This is 5 days of not being able to play

It was good until the halloween update now it freezes. I go to the spot that says “lets go” for the halloween update it kicks me out .

I love the game, but I upgrade the fabrics and farms from producing only 10 items at a time. Now its set back again on producing only 10 products. Taking so much time if you need to do a order for 30 or more products. Please advise to upgrade not giving the option.

The fake unfortunately spends pretty much of all “money” for everything you need to create the city. I am purchasing just to play this game!! Uninstalled

It’s a really good game. i really enjoy the game play, the graphics, and unlike a lot of othe city building games the items u make to sell don’t take that long as all to make. Heat work guys!!

Nice idle style game. Graphics are nice and somewhat realistic. More trading oriented than building. I found it quickly became boring. Most buildings are locked meaning no progress to build your town, you’re stuck filling orders to reach the next level so you can unlock them, then you can only have a certain amount of buildings before they lock again. If this game was more balanced between trade and build, eg more buildings unlock at lower levels and no amount restrictions, it would be better.

  • Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at hello[at]

Theirs a lot of waiting. Some building and merchandise takes way to long to get.

Graphics are good but construction of new buildings and upgrade takes lot of time. 24 hours or apply gems which are less in quantity, pay money to buy them. Time consuming game.

I like this game… But less building designs and city decorations comparatively other city building games… Get quick boring due to less variations in the game

Great game but some folks don’t fork out money on a budget so it makes the game more difficult I understand the tactics but….

Not enough free diamonds then you put diamonds on the property it sucks it is also to hard to make the people happy

  • Thank you for your good and constructive feedback Our team tries to provide you with the best possible experience by considering these things Thank you for being with us

i would rate it higher if you can look at the following….1.the building times are extremely long im stuck cause i have to wait 24hours for a house to get build. 2. upgrade times are just as long so you can start an upgrade and come back in the game every 2nd day.

  • Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at hello[at]

I love the game, it’s exquisit,the graphics and everything in the game is nice.

My progress is not saved….everytime when I want to play it take me back to level 1

I usually don’t do apps like this but I love this game so much I find myself playing this instead of doing things I need to be doing it’s crazy

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