Soccer Empire – Become the champion of their life

[Game] Soccer Empire – The Dream Begins

Soccer EmpireYour Soccer Academy offers holistic soccer trainings that were customized for young trainees.
With these trainings, youths will be able to pursue their passions in Football and become the champion of their life.

How can you run this Soccer Academy?
Enroll new youth trainees
Build and update training facilities
Hire professional coaches and managers
Launch specialized trainings to develop skills
Participate in tournaments to practice
Produce talent trainees for clubs worldwide

With your helps, youths will be able to get close to the football dream, and realize the dream one day in the future.

Manage the Soccer Academy, and produce more soccer talents for the soccer world!
Let’s manage the academy and build your Soccer Empire!

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Soccer Empire user reviews :

Could we get a option to change the football field name ? The game play is a bit repetitive so there is no way to keep people hooked. Or maybe any competition. The tournament format needs tweaking. It is not interactive at all, it’s confusing.

It gets very repetitive. The tournament feature must be buged because out of the 3, 1 star tournaments I played I won 1, draw 2 and lost 18 and lost another 2 in my current tournament. As a free to play person I heavily rely on the games luck based code and having 18 L’s is just embarrassing. I am currently in the Spanish region and it has all seemed to pay to win and the character upgrading system is very expensive and you don’t get alot from the free packs. An increase in the drop rate is rec

A very fun game, BUT: Picking up trash can be very very annoying as the screen moves and it resets. The tournament mechanic is very hard to understand, and why can’t I win a single game in a tournament? There are some coaches that are supposedly easy to get but I just haven’t gotten them for some reason

  • Hello there, you can level up the tournament managers to enhance the strength of your team. Hope it helps. Enjoy the game.

Wood inc with soccer skin. The game has some interesting things. But overall you can see all the mechanisms made to force you into spending money. It can be very long and boring at times. Just not worth trying to get anywhere with this game.

Great until you level up. The fact you can’t automate without leveling up 2 very important people the access control assistant and the fixed signing manager makes this game suck HARD. 1 star is generous especially.

I like the game, but its very slow once you get to the 3rd/4th venue. Also, all the in game purchases are really expensive compared to other games and theres so many. Seems a little bit of a cash grabber.

The advert made the game look interesting, but it’s just another boring idle game. Except it’s worse because the developers came up with what they think is a neat trick to get you to buy the full game by having the entrance break every few seconds. It can be automated when you get a member of staff to a certain level, but that level goes up every time you relocate. Frankly, it just makes you want to delete the game. There’s nothing innovative and you get bored very quickly. Also, no ads show.

The reason for two stars, is because 5 out of the 12 daily tasks to complete to level up your football pass consists of constant use of premium currency/micro transactions. Yes, you can obtain currency (diamonds) through playing, but in order to complete the daily tasks consistently, you would have to constantly spend money on this game. Most games you can complete all dailies. The tycoon/idle style of the game in a soccer setting is not bad at all, it’s been enjoyable so far

Game is a global idle game. However, the tournaments are a bit stacked against you. I’m literally 2 wins, 10 ties, and probably close to 70 losses. It shouldn’t be so impossible to win

Fun little way to waste some time for any football (soccer) fan.

amazing game, nothing wrong with it. as a football fan and player it’s perfect!!!

Good game, but I wish it was a little more complicated, especially with the signings, you just press a button, 1 of 4 teams picks up your players, and that’s it

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