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Nexus War CivilizationThe Astra tore through the sky and descended upon Origin Star. The once vibrant cities were laid waste beyond recognition…

The end is nigh on Origin Star, and every race is fighting desperately in hopes to survive in the new age of terror…

As destiny chose you, you must now act. Raise an army and seek out the mightiest heroes from the four races of Origin Star – The Humans, Izans, Aokus, Theias, and unite them all to annihilate the Invaders of your home planet. Return Origin Star to its former glory!

Freely Explore the Open World and Uncover the Mystery of Origin Star
Journey a path to uncover the truth of this world from relics and hidden treasures scattered across the monster-infested lands. Meet the natives of Origin Star and the four races that govern the planet. Navigate through deception and conflicts in the world to start or prevent war. Annihilate the Astra and bring new hope for the survivors.

In-Depth Strategic Battles
Command dozens of unlockable heroes from each race. Personalize your army from infantry, artillery, and tank units. Direct your army into the unknown and strategize against your enemies or overpower them with military might. Seek and destroy other players, capture resources, occupy fortresses, and join alliances. Experience the most exciting real-time war immediately!

Build, Design, and Personalize your City
Personalize and plan your city using the 4 available architectural styles from each race. Build mega structures like Titan Docks, Research Lab, Intelligence Building, and many more to design your city any way you want.

Take Part in Alliance Battles and Become the Ruler of Origin Star
Legend has it that whoever ascends the Infinity Throne gains absolute control and power of the entire planet. With the unparalleled power granted by the Throne, one can gain access to the rarest resources and technological advantage. Hunt down the deadliest monsters and defeat the strongest alliances. Earn your right to ascend the throne and become the ruler of Origin Star.

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Nexus War Civilization user reviews :

Runs Terribly on Samsung A10. Constant freezing and occasionally crashing to homescreen. It’s a neat little game, very nice graphics and fast f2p progression, but you need the patience of a wise old man whose playing chess against himself if you’re using such a phone as the A10 to push through the awful latency of tap commands, load screens, etc.

Kiss of War clone… Not a fan of the build and wait style of gameplay… The advertising made it seem like it’d be something totally different, but once I got past that first cutscene and started the tutorial, I knew I already done this before. If you like that style of gameplay, then it might satisfy. I, will pass.

  • Hello Commander, our advertisements only reflect a tiny portion of our game, we encourage you to discover it more in depth to fully appreciate your gaming experience :) Do not hesitate to contact us on mailbox: support.nexuswar[at] to leave us your opinions and suggestions.

I play tested this from the jump. Growing with this game has been one of the best experiences I have ever had on a mobile game. The options and story new players get to see is fantastic. I started another account just so I could experience it again. Knowing what I know now….leaderboards will be a snap.

This game is awesome. Love the different races and the graphics are fantastic. Also each hero that I collect, each has their own unique abilities that is taylored for variaty of situations. I enjoy the storyline as well. The banter between characters are hilarious.

  • We appreciate your support so much. In the future, we will strive to enrich the game content and improve the game in all aspects. Looking forward to see a better Origin created by all our players. We are committed to creating a perfect game experience for all players. Hope you enjoy!

Best game ever , Really like everything about it , it’s breathing taking and amazing every single detail . From the storyline to graphics as well as the Characters and how the game really takes you away as if you were there.

  • We are truly happy that you enjoyed our game. Thank you so much for your evaluation. Your praise will help us to create more interesting contents. Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see in the game!

So far ,so good. The only thing i found thus far is it tends to lag and the hero need more info on what it’s asking me to upgrade everything else thinks everything else seems to be fine

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