Warlords Conquest – Conquer the enemy Kingdoms

[Game] Warlords Conquest – Enemy Lines

Warlords ConquestSpawn soldiers across lanes and counter the enemy troops in an epic pixel war!

Play as Humans, Orcs and Elves and conquer the enemy Kingdoms.

A free to play fantasy Tower Defense RTS with no forced ads.

Play as you go – offline mode supported!

Warlords Conquest: Enemy lines, is a tactical tower defense game where your goal is to lead your pixel army to victory.
Complete levels and conquer the whole map, playing as warriors from the Human, Orc and Elven Kingdom + many more Herodom factions coming in the future.

Achieve what you are destined to, use your skills and speed, planning a strategy to win both the offensive and defensive battles, instead of wasting your potential on idle games.

Upgrade your army wisely and build up a mighty legion as they roam the map leaving no enemy behind them.

In this pixel tower defense game, you go on an adventure to explore multiple maps and defeat enemy cities with your fierce warriors.

Are you a tactical genius? Find out today!

Play wherever you want and whenever you want. Enjoy the game on the plane or on long car rides even with no internet connection. Play on multiple devices with the same OS, cross platform not supported.

This is a tower defense game unlike other. Fight in real time (RTS) with moving troops and win a battle by strategically placing units in your lanes and crossing the enemy border. Choose your war strategy and use special attacks to reach the enemy lines and infiltrate it.

Do not let the enemy cross your line or the whole war would have been for nothing. Position your fierce warriors carefully in the lanes and survive it until the battle is won. Place defensive constructions to fortify your lanes or use special attacks to get the upper hand.

Choose a weapon shield for the kingdom you want to fight as and use their troop types. Humans, Orcs, Elves and more coming. Epic pixel war!

Unlock units across the Human, Orc and Elven kingdom. Recruit different unit types to diversify your pixel army legion

Human faction: Peasant, Archer, Knight, Spearman, Wizard
Orc faction: Goblin, Axe Thrower, Brute, War Boar, Beast

Use a variety of special attacks during a battle to fully immerse into the war

Charge: Blow the horn and summon a wave of random units on each of your lanes
Cannon: Fire artillery cannons on the whole map taking down most of the enemies
Freeze Strike: Use a powerful spell and freeze all the enemies on the map for some time.

Place special items to help you win the battle

Barricades: Place barricades on the map to slow down the enemies approaching your line
Mounted Crossbow: Place a self-automated mounted crossbow on the map taking down enemies approaching it
Bomb: Throw bombs on the map for immediate action against approaching enemies

Switch between different kingdoms and go on an adventure scrolling through the medieval pixel environments. Enjoy the retro / arcade pixel style and conquer enemy cities to be the defender of your kingdom.

A simple and easy to play RTS game
Supports offline game through cloud sync
A medieval tower defense game with moving soldiers
Assemble unique unit combinations on your lanes with your pixel army legion
Try different creative strategies in the battlefield in order to win
Unlock new fantasy factions and build up your army with cool warrior units
Strengthen your defense and offense by upgrading your units and using special attacks
An adventure as you explore the kingdom maps
A star reward system with good rewards
Retro arcade style pixel art

Warlords Conquest user reviews :

Heading in the right direction This would be even better if it was set up like original turn based warlords. That was by far my favorite pc game. It’s interesting that turn based games are difficult to find. I long for a well built strategy turn based game.

  • Thanks for playing Brian. It could be interesting with a turn based strategy game sometime in the future, but we are also very big fans of RTS games. Right now we have a new tournament mode and creative mode on the drawing board. The tournament will allow you to assemble your own army with units from every faction where you then can play levels.

Ooga booga Actual Review: Played, conquered, and won. It’s another great game for simplebit studios, a great step up from Trench Warfare. It it a nice nostalgic app from a time not so far. It is a good RTS but the only part I don’t like is that you can’t build up your troops like Trench Warfare. It’s overall still a good game with a lot of room for improvement not only for the game, but Simplebit Studios overall. I hope all the skills and notes here will lead to an amazing Trench Warfare 2.

  • thank you!

It’s a good game the animations are good/fluid and the game mechanics are fun with elements of strategy but when I watch ads to get extra coins after a battle the ad finished but I don’t get any coin I hope the Devs fix it

  • Hi, can you tell us a little more about this. Which campaign is it, which level is it, is it multiple levels or a single one, are you connected to the internet?

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