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[Game] Zombie Siege King

Zombie Siege KingRemoving the curtains, you see zombies climbing up the wall of your building.

It’s 2048, and human survival is at risk. Welcome to the killing zombie survival game, where your task is to save humanity. Use every last breath to stop zombies and their master plan from invading Earth. Stand up for humankind in this killing zombie survival game.

The apocalypse is on the verge, and it’s time to kill zombie before they spread. The survival mission game includes custom avatars, explosives, high-end graphics, and vehicles that make apocalypse survival easy. Make your strategies and use apocalypse tactics to survive amidst rising human chaos. Push your complete effort because you’re either a victim or a winner in the war.

Protect the base and protect the earth at all costs. In this zombie shooting survival game, survival is the only option. Use the zombie shooter, explosives, and vehicles to melt zombies’ heads before they climb the wall. Keep zombies out of reach as much as possible and take help from fellow soldiers for making apology tactics. Some features of this Zombie Siege are:

Guard: Protect the human civilization and kill zombie in this FPS shooting mission game.

Don’t let the zombies win: Assemble your zombie gun shooting square and give a hard time to zombies.

Use weapons: Kill virus created by the zombies using deadly weapons, vehicles, and explosives specially designed to kill zombie.

Make strategies: Use the zombie shooter and air support and make apocalypse tactics so you don’t run out of weapons during the attack.

The zombie virus: Control the zombie and kill virus before spreading in this zombie strategy games offline.

Safeguard the troops: Enjoy your days as a soldier and protect fellow human folks from getting killed by zombies.

Use your mind: During the zombie warship, communicate with fellow soldiers to make better apocalypse tactics.

Kill zombie: Use your command skills to trap strategically, capture, and kill zombie.

Resurrection: Battle with a zombie army and resurrect your soldiers to expand your army.

Name your city: Create and build your wall by letting your army protect it.

Increase your chances: Use free zombie survival FPS explosives to increase your battle-winning chances.

Losing is not an option: Use zombie gun shooting, explosives, and airplanes to help you during your survival mission.

Special features:

The free zombie survival FPS includes storytelling and healthy conversations between the soldiers. Whether it’s crow or Catherine, staying in touch protects you in this Zombie Siege game.

The zombie RPG game includes warship vehicles and explosives. Use the special explosives to meet zombies’ heads before they attack.

The HD graphics make this survival mission more exciting. Use air support, or launch your zombie gun shooting tools with real-like graphics.

With the newly added zombie RPG soldiers, you can resurrect soldiers that you lost in battles or killed by zombies. Use this opponent to get your FPS shooting mission squad back.

Create your city and gather around an army to protect it. Zombie warship is happening, and zombies can come anytime to attack. Don’t be empty-handed.

Order 60+ officers and use the offer’s unique skills to supercharge your army. Summon these officers anytime in the zombie survival strategy game.

This is the last survival call. The zombie apocalypse squad is here and prepared to wipe out your existence from this earth. The strategy games offline bring fun, excitement, and amusement while conquering your land back from zombies. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open because the zombie shooter game won’t let you sleep. Either kill zombie or let them kill you.

Zombie Siege King user reviews :

I love this game but the there are so many bugs. The game lags all the times after ss2 and I don’t see the developper gonna fix it. I would like to spend a lot of money but I don’t see it worth it. Not sure if the team are professional enough to provide a quality?

Hi I just wanna say that I love the game but the players are getting a bit bored cause they less events and we waiting for season 2 to come and we want more players on this game can u pls be quick and make the game active and better again like the old game and we want the update quick we can’t wait now

  • Hello, thank you for your support, the new version will come soon, please wait patiently.

I was an original player who cried when the game ended. A few months ago and this is a major improvement from what we played for years.. am I sad it ended. Absolutely. I put in a ton of work to that last headquarters.. but this game is extremely exciting and rewarding. There are a few faults. But in the old game there was a ton. You can see they really took notes.. and for you folks whining because it’s not in English it is in English. This game has improved so much since closing.. it’s fun.

  • Thank you very much for meeting us again, we will be better and better, so that we can live up to your expectations.

Well the graphics looks great lvl 2 shield soldiers and lvl2 gunners are invisible I can’t see them and lvl 2 cars they are not invisible and vip I can’t get vip points I thought this is not a pay to win game but it is but if there’s a chance i can get vip points without paying I would be happy. And the characters are great .

  • Hello, thank you for your support, we will work harder.

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