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Ninja SnapNinja Snap : We all have that douchebag friend who likes to casually invade our privacy.
You try and show them a photo on your phone and they just swipe away through your whole album uninvited.

Open Ninja Snap:

choose a few photos from your device with the help of a Gallery like screen
give it to your victim
they’re gonna start to stroll away through your album like it ain’t no thang
they’ll be randomly greeted with photos of themselves that were stealthily taken while they were abusing your phone

Features/Settings include:
infinite gallery mode, which keeps on snapping photos of your victim catching him in the act
exit the app on back press so he won’t see the app main screen
add k anye flavour

I recommend choosing several photos (10+). You can choose a whole album in one tap!
The stealth selfies will be placed randomly between the photos you chose and will serve
to better fool the victim.

Note that the app saves those stealth photos in a a directory called NinjaSnap. You will see it appear in your Gallery app or whatever you use too look at photos. I made this decision thinking maybe users would like to keep potentially funny photos of their victims.
They are immediately available so you can see/delete them.

Shout out to reddit user /u/dane006 from whom I got the idea

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Ninja Snap user reviews :

Fun app Dev responded to my review where I had an issue and we worked it out over email. Very responsive. Thanks!!
  • Cosmos Apps August 19, 2015
  • Can you please e-mail me some screenshots? Does the album title and nr of photos show? Are the album thumbnails as well as the individiual photo thumbnails inside the albums greyed out? I’d really appreciate if you could drop me an e-mail with some details because a bunch of other people are having your problem too and I’d like to resolve it.

The best! Is there any chance of you adding more faces, or allowing the user to customize what faces get put on? (e.g. shrek)

Spoke with developer and he’s having issues with this phone model. Works perfectly using the select and share feature though. For others having sort order issues or problems because your gallery doesn’t allow multiselect, use QuickPic. You can select any photos and then share them to Ninja Snap. When they hit back, it takes them to the gallery, showing you have certain pics selected, adding to their confusion.
  • Cosmos Apps August 21, 2015
  • Hello! I just changed the sort order and added a new feature. If it works for you now and you enjoy the app please consider giving me a higher rating. Thank you very much!

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