Noblemen 1896 – Only you can destroy the enemy

[Game] Noblemen 1896

Noblemen 1896  You are a Nobleman.

You have the best equipment, the best weapons, and the best armies. Only you can destroy the enemy!


Unique alternate reality 1896!
Intense shooter combat – take part in large scale battles!
Vast, open battlefields!
Fight alongside cannons, gatling guns, airships, boats, cavalry, forts, and more!
Innovative Campaign – plan your attacks from above, then fight and lead the battles in the field!
Incredible scale – watch as forts blast the battlefield from a distance, airships loom overhead, and iron clad warships support your army from the beach!
Jump in/Jump out gameplay – master hardcore shooter gameplay, or enable auto battle and watch the battles unfold, stress free!
Collect and employ powerful Battle Cards to change the tide of the battle!

Optimized for the following gpus:
Adreno 400 or better
Mali-760, 860, 880 or better
Tegra 3, Tegra 4, Tegra K1 or better
PowerVR Rogue series or better
NOTE: Noblemen can run on most devices, but graphics quality may suffer on cheaper or older gpus!

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Noblemen 1896 user reviews :

One of the best games I have played, using tactics and strategy of finding out where your troops should go on the battlefield. My tablet that I used to play this game is gone, and I was wondering if the game was available for computers as well? When I try to play it on computer I have to drag so I can aim at my enemy then shot, instead of the mouse being the aiming. W

I actually quite enjoy this game and it bring me joy to watch it develop I have had this game for at least a year My favorite gameplay feature is the fact I can control my units on a tactical level and control my Noblemen(Player) on a FPS level Additionally, the game gives you premium currency (gold) on a regular basis with this gold you can buy 1-2 very nice chest everyday and you get War loot which gives around 20 to 30 cards for your army ranging from common to legendary

Hello! First of all the gameplay is great is amazing is awesome its very intuitive and very strategic whether it’s fps style of the “chess” style, but i just have this one simple problem that may or might be a bug but it’s just that my officers, armies, regiment just can’t take damage in the “fps” style. They can take damage from artilleries and bombardment but not from actual enemy unit. Pls fix and I’ve been playing this game for 4 years keep up the great work and pls fix the bug thank you.

I like the 3rd person action sequence of this game and the graphics are pretty decent. However I’m not really a strategy based player and I wish this game could be a little more unambiguous and concise with it’s tutorial. It’s a good game overall. Also, I wish I could save my progress on google play games otherwise I would have given it a 5 star rating.

woukd have been a great game but whoever was in charge of the whole aiming and movement department was smoking something. yall almost had a great game but you cant play it bc you cant aim in the game. the controls are so sticky yal couldve coppied a whole other games controls and been fine but like i said. somebody was smoking something. almsot had a gem here…almost.

the gameplay is amazing the graphics are a bit bad but can be better love how YOU are the middle of the battle with your troops and get to control them it does crash and lag out sometimes but with people help out it will be amazing! thank you to the devolpers for making it! keep up the good work! The new update is great the flag bearers should be the main man when he moves the unit moves can you please make it like that?

Best mobile game I’ve played. No game has ever stayed installed so long (Or spent as much on). Some lag on S8+ especially in cities, but bearable. I see a lot of online/multi requests, PLEASE dont. At the very least leave single exactly the way it is. Would love to someday see what a console/PC version could be. Excellent ideas, gameplay, and execution.

Remind me of an old game I played long ago. , is this the same developers? Man I love that concept its awesome to see someone bring that back. Also if we could get real time mutilplayer that would be Epic! make it so we do skirmish like the campaign style. Bring us PvP!

Love the new update but can you make it so skirmish has ×4 speed on it cause i wait forever for quick easy battles with reset added once your done with 1000 points since campaign has it aswell. That’s all otherwise great game, great graphics and smoke from fired guns easy to play just need ×4 speed for skirmish thanks.

This game is awesome. The gameplay is unique and rather challenging. And i hope this game will keep improve Just suggestion from me, please make the “exit app” not back button, or at least make it “twice tap to exit”, cuz i keep accidentally close the game. And please add fast auto in skirmish too

Latest Update :

Added a small deadzone for controller analog sticks to help fix drift on older and worn sticks

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