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Norwegian Travel AssistantManage your trip with Norwegian on the move!

Book flights, add Fast Track and other extras, keep track of your travel plans and get important updates about your trip – everything in one handy app.

You’ll have all your travel documents in one easy-to-access spot – both tickets and boarding passes are stored in one handy travel folder
Book flights directly from the travel assistant
Add and keep track of trips that haven’t been booked with your profile
Check in on the go – convenient and quick
Add Fast Track and skip the queues through security – handy when you’re running late or when you just feel like spending your time on other things than standing in line
Travelling with more bags than expected? The travel assistant lets you add extra checked bags easily
Add seat reservations to your flights and make sure you get your favourite seat
Get push notifications with up-to-the-minute info about your flights
Automatic login for faster access to your information and for booking flights
Travel archive with your previous flights
Check if flights are on time with our flight status overview
Offline access – your travel information’s always there when you need it
Passbook support for your boarding passes when you’ve checked in online

Help us improve the app!
Got tips or suggestions on what we should improve or include in the travel assistant app? We’d be glad to hear from you. Contact us at travelassistant[at]

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Norwegian Travel Assistant user reviews :

Basic Airline App – lets you check in and view boarding pass, but no much else in the way of useful functions. Did not alert any updates on my delayed flight. Could not buy a large cabin bag on the app, which said “Contact your travel agency”, got to the airport only to be told I should have done so 24 hours before the flight, by Norwegian policy. Annoyed the app didn’t tell me that and misled me instead.

It’s has the functions you need but there’s a very frustrating issue with adding in the dates i.e date of birth or passport expiry date. It keeps adding an additional 1 to the date. I.e I click 1992, it displays 1993…and won’t let me change it.

The app works OK but is still missing key, simple functions, like saving passport details on your profile and savings details for other passengers you commonly book for (e.g. family). But then again these are also missing from the web page. In settings there is a selection called ‘language’ when leads to a list of countries which then controls currency settings. If you want to be an international player, please recognise that language, country and currency are three different choices…..

Whenever I click add booking, the app crashes. I reinstalled it, but it still keeps crashing. There does not appear to be any way to check in in browser. So I suppose I will have to check in at the airport. When I flew Norwegian last time, before Covid, there was no such issue. PS: I have a Samsung Galaxy s9 edge without other issues, this is isolated to the Norwegian app. Other airline apps work fine.

The app is well built intuitively wise, but my god – editing dates when booking a ticket or filling out passport information is horrible. It drove me mad and i had to complete my reservation online. Date values zeroed down every time i jumped from day, to month to year. This is not a single case, it happens every time. Thats something that needs to be revisited by app developers. Other than that its super easy to use.

It’s a good app for booking and checking in to Norwegian flights but it lacks the feature where you can add your boarding pass to Google wallet. Other airlines offer this feature but not Norwegian. Please add this functionality so that your passengers can have a better experience. Also for some reason the app doesn’t show delays which is frustrating.

Very well designed application which does what is intended for. Highly recommended if you you’re a Norwegian frequent flyer. The only annoying is that if you make a flight search, switch to another app and return back again to the Norwegian app, it will clear the last search result and will return you back to the initial search page. If they fix that, it will become an excellent app.

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