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Numero eSIM More saving, more privacy, being global, being local, being connected all the time.

All these benefits are in one app and on the same mobile device. Just register in Numero eSIM and start to enjoy using all products.

Having Numero eSIM on your device means that you can benefit from all possible communication services in the same App like USA virtual numbers, international virtual phone numbers, phone numbers for WhatsApp or Telegram or any social media app, & the ability to make and receive calls & SMS, international mobile data and many other services.

Numero eSIM offers the following products and functions:

2nd phone number for more than 80 countries and 4000 cities worldwide.
Mobile data for eSIM devices from more than 150 countries worldwide.
Free USA number by collecting coins from the Free Coins Center in the app.
Personalized voicemail on your virtual number or your virtual SIM.
Free-roaming on a 2nd phone number while traveling.
WiFi calling & text messages at affordable prices.
Call forwarding and hide number feature on your virtual number or your second line.
Toll-free number for your customer services.
Special offers and various bundles.

What does a virtual phone number mean (International & USA)?

A virtual number is a real phone number, but without a physical SIM card (virtual SIM) that receives and sends calls. You can get many international numbers from more than 80 countries worldwide and manage them all without the need to purchase an additional mobile device.

A USA virtual number (virtual SIM) is also a real phone number that can get from Numero, either for free by collecting coins from the Free Coins Center in the App or by buying the number directly from the App. You can use it for calling, registering on WhatsApp, chat Apps, social media platforms, public services applications, and also for online shopping or on any website where you need a phone number to register.

Numero benefits for your personal life:

Privacy: Share a 2nd phone number or a virtual SIM with strangers instead of your real number.
Security: Using the USA phone number for WhatsApp, chat applications, or online shopping.

Saving: Get a free number for WhatsApp (USA number) by collecting coins from the Free Coins Center in the app.

Never miss a call: Take advantage of the voicemail service or call forwarding on the 2nd phone number in case of busyness or no internet connection.
Privacy: Take advantage of the service of showing the private number to make an anonymous call.

Numero benefits for your business:

Tool for business: Use the international 2nd phone number to give your business a global presence, & have Work-Life Balance.
For customer support service: Toll-free numbers for your customer support.
International communication: use the international virtual phone number to make commercial deals with your international customers.

Numero benefits for travel outside your country:

Save time: No need to search for a WiFi network when having an internet package from the App.
Save money: free-roaming and being able to receive calls for free on the 2nd phone number when connected to the Internet.
Stay connected anywhere: having a virtual number running regularly as a second line enables you to know about any urgent issue on a personal or business level.

Subscription Terms
GSM phone number is required for registration.
Subscription plans of 1 month, 3 months, & 1 year.
Auto-renewal for subscriptions is turned ON by default.

Contact Us
Email: support[at]

Numero eSIM user reviews :

I use this app to travel and be connected around the world. So far, it’s very good to be in touch with people who are still use whp and other kind of meseengers. Fair rates, and really good numbers to choose. I don’t find any error until this moment. The only thing sometimes is not working, it’s the backup when you are gonna change the esim to other phone. Sometimes the backup is empty, but it’s not to remove 1 point on review just for that. If I can write more about this app I would do it.

  • Dear, we are honored that you enjoy our service. Thank you so much for rating and support. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You can find us directly from the app through the support center or through support[at] Regards, Numero eSIM Team

Support center is very active and responds quickly. Had an issue with a Turkish plan, they reissued the package and it worked. I strongly advise the company to put video or instructions with pictures based on different devices. They do have one, but the site wasn’t mobile friendly, add that to your application to make it easier for users. And hope they add more countries in the middle east like Jordan for example.

  • Dear, thank you very much for your rating and feedback. We are pleased that our app won your admiration. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know by contacting us through the Support Center, We are working hard to get all our valuable clients satisfied! Regards, Numero eSIM Team

It is false advertisement. It does not have free calls or text messages. You are forced to buy a monthly/yearly plans and weird schemes to earn credit which is glitchy and does not work at all. Overall poor experience. Would not reccommend.

  • Dear, Wondering if you have read the App description? Basically, the app is not for free. Yet, we provide a chance for our clients to get a free number within few days by collecting coins. We can assure you that the App is working very well with thousands of our users, if you have special case contact us support[at]

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