Olivia the Witch – Grow herbs in the garden and learn magic spells

[Game] Olivia the Witch – Potion store

Olivia the WitchOlivia the Witch. Potion Shop” is a cute simulation game where you have to prepare potion, deliver parcels on a broom, grow herbs in the garden and learn magic spells

Become a wizard open cozy little alchemy shop, practicing witchcraft and potion craft.

Witch Olivia has recently finished her studies at an enchantment school. After distributing magical islands to the young witches, Olivia was given a flying island that needs to be restored.

Immerse yourself in an exciting journey, meeting many cozy characters, and help wizard Olivia restore the enchantment island!

Exciting possibilities await you:

Cook potion in the witch magic cauldron, learn new recipes and potion craft
Fly on a broom and deliver parcels to customers
Explore herbs and plants in the garden
Cook in the cozy kitchen: dry herbs, get juice from berries, witchcraft mushrooms
Play cute games, become wizard and open little alchemy shop

Improve your magic every day to become a better witch! You have a whole island and a room at your disposal, which you can decorate with cute items.

Game Features:

Interesting potion craft mechanics

The gameplay is simple and interesting to a master wizard. Just drag your finger on the screen to achieve the desired result.

More than 100 unique potions

Create the most marvelous potions! Relax and mix unique ingredients in hundreds of different combinations. Each cozy potion is individualized. Customize the right potion and witchcraft for your customer to get more coins. Open your little alchemy shop.

Magic Talking Items

In Olivia’s room, most of the items can talk. You will definitely be interested to know their amazing story! Immerse yourself in a world of magic and sorcery, studying the art of potion craft and witchcraft in a little alchemy shop.

This game is designed for relaxation, where you can enjoy your time in the magical world. Relax and develop your unique island the way you want!

The game includes in-game purchases and advertisements, but their use is optional – they are intended to speed up progress in the game.

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Instagram/Twitter/Tik-Tok: alteniagame
Mail: alteniagame@gmail.com
Website: alteniagame.com

This game is for you if you like: potion craft, magic witchcraft, cozy wizard, little alchemy, harry potter, hogwarts, witch.

Olivia the Witch user reviews :

The game is really lovely, I like all the details and little things one has to do to make the potions and pies, the graphics are so cute and the music fits the game perfectly. It is really fun! However, it lacks any type of progress, there are no objectives or achievements and day after day you are doing the same thing over and over. Otherwise, a really lovely slow paced game!

  • Thank you very much for your review and remarks We’re working hard to improve our game

A lot of glitches within the game. 1. I have difficulty colllecting herbs/plants etc. Somehow i have to try a few times before getting to collect it. 2. Items are missing in inventory whenever i cook something and it wastes money. 3. It doesnt give the right amount of money when i finish the day, i finished all the deliveries and it only gave me 190….fix this please, it makes the game really unenjoyable.

  • Thank you very much for your honest review We really appreciate it!

This game looks super cute but I’m having trouble getting past the tutorial since I tap on something I’m supposed to interact with next and nothing happens. I can’t get past the kitchen. I have to close the game completely and open it again, restart the kitchen tutorial then I get one step further only for it to happen again. Please fix so I can play!

  • Thanks for your feedback We’re sorry that you’ve experienced some many issues Our team is working hard to fix everything!

The game is very cute and cozy but the game play are a bit hard to control. For example, the pie delivery game play. It’s hard to control Olivia’s position. Would be so much better if there are some sort of control panel. Also when I was moving her my finger accidentally slide above the deliver button but that results in her delivering the order into the void. Some of the clue for the pie aren’t written in the recipe book; it would be better to have a hint button for pie orders.

  • Thank you a lot for your detailed feedback ☺️ We really appreciate it! We’ll do our best to improve our game!

Pretty great and relaxing game, I love the coziness vibe of it all and it’s a relatively easy game to relax to. A few things I noticed though I sometimes in the recepie pages it says I have an ingredient but when I check my inventory I don’t, but sometimes it also says I don’t have an ingredient but I do. Sometimes after growing vegetables i can’t tap on them, when I exit the game for a second the orders reset, and sometimes certain ui dissapear. Otherwise, it’s great.

  • Thanks for your review and remarks We’re sorry that you’ve experienced some issues Our team is doing our best to improve our game

I really like the design and the layout and everything in this! The only thing is the hitboxes are so small that I have to furiously tap the screen around something just to try and find the invisible button over the pictures and it’s very frustrating. It’s like that for almost all buttons. I hope this gets fixed so I can play more!

  • Thanks for your feedback We’re really sorry about this situation! Our team is doing their best to improve the game

The game is fun for the most part. It loses one star for only having two spots to grow spices, the counterintuitive controls for the pizza game, the difficulty of the flying game, and the fact that the oak is so large in the game you can’t not click on it. It loses another star for the glitchy-ness – having to click several times to harvest, having to start to grow another harvest to let the game harvest a different plant. If these can be fixed it would by all means be a five star game.

  • Thanks for your honest feedback We’ll do our best to fix these issues

I love the game so far but the only reason I can’t give it a 5 star review is because there’s a touch sensitivity issue – there are times that I have touched the different things (e.g. kitchen stuff) several times before it lets me do the mini game for it. It was especially frustrating during the pie mini game – I kept touching the circle at the bottom everytime the correct ingredient passes by but it wouldn’t register thus I ended up losing the ingredients. Please fix this

  • We’re really sorry that you’ve experienced some issues we’ll do our best to fix it

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