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[Game] Window Garden – Lofi Idle

Window GardenWindow Garden is a cozy game that allows you to create and decorate your own virtual indoor garden.

With aesthetic cottagecore and wholesome gameplay, learn how to grow plants, succulents, fruits, and vegetables, mirroring realistic gardening experiences.

Set the sleep timer and take in the peaceful decoration of your virtual garden while you listen to calming sounds for sleep, work, or study.

Window Garden is the perfect healing game for plant lovers, and, well, for those who need a digital green thumb instead! We’ve got you covered.

Core Features:
Grow and discover plants.
Collect critters, birds, and butterflies.
Decorate and unlock new rooms.
Complete missions and collect all gems.
Play minigames.
Relax with chill lofi music.
Celebrate monthly season.

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Window Garden user reviews :

This game is truly wonderful! I absolutely adore it, just so simple yet it works so well! I personally love decorating the rooms and hope to see more from CLOVER-FI studios. Exquisite! I also have some ideas for mini games: A fourth mini game could be inspired by snake, but instead of eating as a snake you could eat water, sunlight and coins as a vine. Also maybe some like flappy bird etc… Overall, great game.

I love this game, it’s so peaceful and calming that I can forget what mistakes I’ve done! I really like the details of the plants growing, the games, catching butterflies and birds during a frenzy mode is amazing, I’m loving it! I rate this a 4 star because there’s a problem where the game randomly crashes. It happens to me for a few times, don’t mind if you guys try to fix the problem? Thanks!

Very cute and relaxing game, easy to progress and no forced ads. Love the detailed pixelated art style and the large range of decorations. Something that would be a cool feature to see in future would be an auto-tapper for the butterflies and birds. I would even be willing to pay a few dollars for a permanent version if it was available.

I love it, it’s relaxing, has great art style, lots of plants- great lofi music, it’s so relaxing. It’s not a game you can play hours on end, it’s more of a check in every few hours or atleast once a day, but it’s still enjoyable and you can leave it on while doing work/school work to have nice lofi and a background of plants that you grew! Lots of decorations, a good amount of space to decorate {there is different rooms} missions to keep things interesting, all in all a great game.

This games is PERFECT. The music, the plants, the ambiance. The amount of customizing. Also, even after you play the games and take care of plants, there’s still a way to earn coins! I love the butterflies and birds to earn coins. I also love frenzy! There’s so many beautiful details, and this game is so unique. I have never seen any like it before.

I’ve been playing for more than a year now i guess and it’s the first plant game that i played without dropping it off! absolutely the best one! it’s so fun, visual vise so cute and pleasant, musics just perfect! i love decorating and plants so this is like heaven for me! and we always get new events which is great, we never run out of new furnitures. i just wish devs would add just one more room to the game so we could have more place to use, 5 isn’t enough anymore, so 6th one would be amazing!

I LOVE IT! One of my favourite games so far. But there’s a issue that’s been happening lately , where it starts to lag so badly like 1 FPS. But I always close and reopen ut then it’s fixed. Other then that , 100% recommend if you want a nice calming game and decor game. 10/10 game. If this game studio makes more cutie games like this. I will definitely download them. Best game for anxiety. Love it so much.

I love this game! I love the soundtrack and caring for my adorable plants, and being able to decorate my rooms with all the accessories and wallpapers… And the ads are OPTIONAL. Money is easy to get, just tap on the birds and butterflies constantly flapping around the room, or sell items in the store. You get tons of items each day. Only downside is the mechanics for moving objects around to decorate or to just move plants are a little clunky and difficult to use, but it’s not intolerable.

  • Hi Zoe, so happy that you love the gameplay and the lo-fi music! We hope that you continue caring for your adorable plants and decorating rooms. We are continuously improving the game so please stay rooted for new updates. Thank you so much for playing and leaving us a wonderful review! Happy gardening

This game is adorable. I love the art & the mini games are super fun for how simple they are. The music is very relaxing as well. I love that the ads are optional, but you do get very good prizes. Honestly, one of the very, very few apps I don’t mind watching ads for. The menus are easy to navigate & the mechanics are so clear right off the bat. Very happy I randomly downloaded this app & I’m excited to see what they add in the future!

I love it! It’s a great game i never knew that “raising” plants could be this fun, i’m giving it 4 stars because i kind of wish there was more to do. For example the minigames are really fun to play while you stay in the game, in my opinion collecting gold by clicking the butterflies and birds is also fun! But maybe adding a few more things to do to get you to stay on the game for a little longer. That would be great but overall great game! And slightly more storage for the plants aswell.

It’s a really great game where you can relax and just unwind. I love how it’s really free to play friendly and it doesn’t rush you to level up quickly but instead encourage you to take your time and take care of your plants. It’s also great that there is a variety of items from which you can use to decorate your space. I hope you can add more lofi songs and possibly add more that are melancholic so people can unwind their sadness or stress in the game and use it as a form of therapy in a way.

I love it!! Its so cute and aesthetic i enjoy designing my house and it have cute items and its easy to get coins but, my only problem is that it lacks wallpaper colors i was hoping to find a light blue wallpaper and i would recommend adding a pattern to the wallpapers like a swirly or floral and i would also like a feature where you can change the color of a furniture i would like some customization in the furniture, thats all overall its a good game!

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