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ZEPETOPlay the Universe. ZEPETO.

Welcome to ZEPETO, a place where virtually anything is possible!

Explore Worlds
Thousands of virtual worlds to play together with friends.
From K-pop and music to fashion, anime and role-play, there’s something for everyone.

Community of Friends
The metaverse is at your fingertips – experience it anywhere, anytime on your mobile device.
Meet new people all over the world with the same interests as you, and stay connected in chat and feed. Join thousands tuning in to avatar livestreams real-time.

Customize Your Avatar
Style your avatar any way you want, bringing another you to life.
Choose from an infinite amount of the trendiest clothes, hair styles, accessories, makeup and more. Dress up your character with user-made items, well-known brands, and luxury styles!

Become a Creator
Don’t see something you like in our shop? Bring your creativity to life by designing and selling new fashion or lifestyle items yourself in ZEPETO Studio!
Or build your own games and worlds for other users to play.

New Social Content Daily
New photos, videos, trends and events to experience everyday – including top brand, artist, and influencer collaborations.
Join the latest social challenges – create your own content for the chance to be featured or win prizes!

Join ZEPETO Premium
Join our premium membership program to receive special benefits like priority review for created items, 70 monthly ZEM credits, exclusive items and more.

ZEPETO user reviews :

This app is addicting, the customization is great and so are the other features within the app. However, there’s a problem I’m having. When it comes to accounts, I always like making multiple, but I just can’t here. Everytime I try sign in to an account there some weird warning sign that never goes away. I’ve even redownloaded the app and it STILL doesn’t work. Not only that, but support says the warning should go away in a little bit, but I waited several hours, and nothing! Please fix this!

I love the game like graphics, characters and hang up with friends is just fun. However I spotted something in this game which is irritating me a lot. Previously I have been playing jump master and many other maps and I can’t done with bugs i mean it’s being updated so far but still it’s like kicking me out? 2nd thing is that there is a lot of shortage of zems.Not everyone affords buying zems and there should be at least any event or something which maybe easier for us to buy our dream outfits

It’s a great app. You meet new ppl, friends, and you get to choose from different clothing, making to millions of different clothing combinations. Also being able to show off the outfit. But lately I have been having trouble posting pictures, the templates are fine to post, but pictures I can’t post at all, always saying there was an internet problem, even though I’ve been on a stable internet connection. Overall, it’s a great app, and I enjoy it very well.

This app is pretty addicting! I love it but there are a few problems. • A lot of the times when I upload something from my gallery, it says “Temporary Error” and then I’ve to re-launch the app which is pretty annoying. • Whenever I post a template, the audio gets fast whereas the video doesn’t. • Whenever I upload something from gallery, the quality gets so blur even though the real quality is clear. If all this gets fine, I love this app!

This app is very addicting! I love it but there are a few problems. First when I upload any video it lags and that is so annoying and when I want to post a video from gallery it says “Temporary error please try again later” and later when I try it it never works. Also when I play any game I find it so laggy and it takes a lot of time to load. I hope these stuff can be fixed soon.

I love this app, always have, used to have it a loooong time ago (like 2020 i think idk) and got a new account like last year? Anyways, I have a problem thats been popping up since December of 2023, it keeps lagging and “not loading content” which just kicks me out of the game, PLEASE FIX! its super annoying and makes the game barely playable. I’ve tried to delete the game and redownload and that doesn’t fix anything. It keeps popping up with mostly anything I do.

I like zepeto I have been playing this since 2021 overall is good. But really when it comes to interactions I talk more about bugs: To enter a world it’s complications, to make videos it’s buggy and I generally talk about Android because Apple has all the privileges: better video quality and game but at home it’s blurry and I don’t even talk about “networks” yet we have a very good connection but the game still bugs, for me currently to enter a world it gives me problems however I use wifi

I love dressing up with this! I’m not very social on it, but it’s still enjoyable with all the options for dressing up and customizing~ However, I noticed after the last update that I can no longer take off any hair items and that’s become a large issue trying things on. Is there a way to fix this?

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