Paris City Adventure – Settle down in the city of dreams and love

[Game] Paris City Adventure

Paris City AdventureWelcome to a new world full of French fun!

Settle down in the city of dreams and love, croissants and coffee for breakfast, high French fashion, and amazing architecture all for you and only in our game!

Build your dream city, restore beautiful old buildings, build incredible new ones, and cover the land with parks, alleys, and fountains! Come play and explore what’s new!

Dominate the market: plant fertile fields, collect huge harvests, raise animals, make goods and products, and sell them at the market or trade with friends!

Get ready for charismatic characters, beautiful houses and streets, incredible potential, pure beauty and sophistication, and tons of adventures!

Stunning architecture and graphics
Lots of fun characters
Original item and player interaction system
Explore and expand your city
Tons of different buildings and resources

Paris City Adventure user reviews :

Ruined the game with the last update. Turned into money grabbers. Trying to push you into a subscription. It’s not balanced at all, basically its pay to win. £19.99 a week for gold, £19.99 a week, you get Netflix for £11 a month. If something isn’t changed soon I can imagine it will lose alot of players me being one.

  • Dear player, the developer side sets the standard price for all players. But the Google Play side may add fees and taxes to the price according to the Google Play policy of your region. You can contact the Google Play service support service and get detailed information about the pricing of the Google Play service in games.

Ruined the game. The devs have chosen to introduce an extremely aggressive and expensive subscription service. Whilst this is optional, I’ve noticed several areas of the free-to-play game that have been affected as they try to push players into the subscription fee. The port trader has doubled in price, in-game cash drops and platinum bars seem far less frequent. This model has been implemented far too heavy handedly. 20 quid a week for gold subscriptions?? Seriously?

  • Hello. Dear player, after the last update the in-game balance was adjusted to make your playing process more balanced . The subscription is an optional choice and we cannot force player to purchase it . All resources can be extracted during your gameplay for free

I used to really enjoy playing this game but each week I debate uninstalling it. I like some challenge but the train and tool tasks are now near on impossible asking who huge quantities of items you are unable to even make yet or have the storage for. Seems to be attempting to force you into the subscription service is their priority as opposed to players returning daily. Iv also noticed the upgrade ticket rewards in the balloon race have decreased alot. Shame that making money is their priority

  • Good afternoon! Our game was not planned as a one-day game, some processes take time, this gives new opportunities, tasks. You can play for free, all resources can be obtained during the gameplay. If you encounter difficulties, or get stuck at some stage, write to us at support[at] and we will help you!

Loved this game when the ads said it wasnt going to be like Harvest Land and one had to spend excessive real money to play. new update it was deja vu said good bye to my team said i work hard for my money and no digital game is worth it.GREED ruined another game

I bought a week for Silver. 2 days later, I purchased Gold. Was still only credited a week at Gold level. Should of been given a week for each? Bit of a rip off buying subscriptions

Wonderful experience, extremely pleasant game to play, no ads and very high quality graphics!!! Absolute top marks

I just started this game and so far no issues and really nice to play. One of the best so far for city building. Lovely game.

This game is fun, with calming music and simple gameplay. It does need some tweaks, such as to the ease of use when moving buildings, positioning buildings and clicking on thought/speech bubbles, (such as when you go to pick up your completed produce from the shop and click on the speech bubble with the image but it turns out you need to click on the building.) Also, it would be nice to have the buildings not block each other out when they are next to each other, sometimes theyre too tall.

A really beautiful game which obviously has had a lot of time and effort put into it however it takes forever to get cash after watching tons of adverts, you don’t have to pay but you would struggle to progress but at the pace of a snail. Also what’s the point of building shops and acquiring recipes if your trains stop asking for goods from previous buildings which takes more than 10days to build? a night time screen would be great if added.

An excellent farming and developing a city game with a French theme. No need to pay to play as there are several means to earn the coin and supplies needed to fulfill orders and get building supplies. I highly recommend this game.

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