OneBit Adventure – Build the ultimate class in order to survive

[Game] OneBit Adventure

OneBit Adventure  OneBit Adventure is a casual turn-based roguelike game where you travel as far upward as possible.

Grind levels and evolve as you engage against rogue monsters. Play on-the-go with this simple turn-based action which allows one-handed gameplay anywhere you go without the need for full attention or reaction.

Multiple Character Classes
Select epic classes such as Warrior, Wizard, Necromance, Archer, Thief and more! Each class has its own unique play style, stats, abilities and weaknesses. You will need to do everything in your power to grow your character and build the ultimate class in order to survive as far as possible.

How to Play
Gameplay is simple and can be played on-the-go with one hand. Swipe the screen to move your character in that direction. You can attack enemies by swiping into their direction and continue to attack until you defeat them. You can also collect various items and gear to help you defeat monsters and survive as long as possible. As you level up, you will be able to unlock various active and passive skills to help you combat certain foes in tough situations.

Leveling up
OneBit Adventure is RPG at its core. You will earn experience every time you eliminate an enemy, but have limited amount of life to do. Once you reach a new level, you will acquire skill points that can be used to upgrade unique skills. By level 20, you can unlock various active and passive skills which are unique for every character class!

If you love Roguelike games and looking for a fun casual turn-based RPG game, then you should give OneBit Adventure a try.


Infinite level generation
Numerous classes to choose from with unique abilities
Weekly leaderboards with premium rewards
Epic boss battles
30+ Unlockable skills

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OneBit Adventure user reviews :

Addictive. I’ve spent too much time playing this. I’m not sure why I like it as much as I do. You move in one direction, up the screen, further onward in the world of the game. Along the way you level up, collect weapons and armor, and eventually new skills. There are shops and inventory management and bosses. I think I like it because it contains all the basic elements of an RPG and delivers it in a stripped down low def package. This is to a granola or Clif bar as RPGs are to full meals

Please, please, please add support for 22:9 aspect ratio phones. I am hooked to the game and its aesthetics. But I can’t but notice that in main menu (and in some other areas) the text of “Daily quests” (left hand side), “Settings” (right hand side) are getting cut off due to curved corners and possibly the exceptional wide aspect ratio. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. And about the game… It’s any retro game lover’s wet dream come true. Love it!

I was looking for a fun RPG game to play, I discovered some but this one is the best by far. I never used to be into Retro games but this Retro RPG is very fun, with smooth gameplay, great Retro graphics and a great character levelling-up system. I highly recommend it.

The best retro game on playstore in my opinion, i have been playing this game since the game released, and addicted to this game. No P2W, No greedy gacha system. Everything is F2W, but you can pay some money to unlock skin and game advantages.

Wow. A fun game that you actually PLAY instead of the game playing YOU like those stupid ‘idle games’…Amazing game! I love the style. Its casual yet challenging but fair. Not flashy and takes little space and battery. Worth the fun. Most phone games, I don’t even bother with. This one feels like tangledeep or quest for dungeons. Great turn-based dungeon. It’s never ending!

Is great, but could seriously use far more level diversity (as you journey, things start to repeat and it’s quite noticeable). For a game where you must get as far as physically possible, that’s a problem. Also, a great fence is a great defense. There’s currently no enemies besides the bat that can overcome fences, let alone gates or doors. Dunno why mages can attack you through walls though.

So far I’m really enjoying this game, I just wanted to point out that the achievement for the Archer doesn’t register when you get a critical hit so it just stays at 0%

It’s an excellent game, probably one of my favorite rogue likes. Only complaint I have is that if I want to get a quick game in while I’m doing something or waiting I can’t because campfires are the only way to save and they are fairly spaced apart from each other.
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  • You can send an email to me at jonathanconcepcion12[at] I can help retrieve your save file

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