Onet Puzzle – Train your memory and concentration

[Game] Onet Puzzle – Tile Match

Onet PuzzleOnet Puzzle is a tile-matching game for both kids and adults to play and relax in the free time.

It offers 20+ elaborate themes and music for much fun! With memory of your brain and concentration of your mind, you search pairs, connect to eliminate them during the given time. Higher level you get more challenging it is, but various tools and treasure box are there for help! Download and enjoy it now!

Connect two same tiles to eliminate them with a polyline.
The polyline contains no more than 3 inflection points.
Get harder for higher level with more grids and types of pairs.
4 useful tools are there to help.
More scores and higher level you get when you win.
Higher enough to get treasure box.
There is time limit.

This android app is totally FREE.
Easy for all kids and adults to play.
Train your memory and concentration.
No wifi needed, you can play it everywhere.
We offer 20+ elaborate themes of images. So much fun!
There are elaborate game sound effects and music which make you feel good.
Higher level and more scores you get, more challenges you will encounter!
Support: 4 useful tools are there for help you!
Support: Treasure box keep you motivated!
Woody user interface gets you closer to nature and relax you.

We keep updating this game! Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.
Email: hipposbro[at]

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Onet Puzzle user reviews :

I absolutely love this game.. it’s so addicting.. I’m so tired of seeing these merge games, they aren’t any fun, but this.. I can’t say enough… the only downfall is the ADS I realize you want us to spend the money to not get ads, I don’t have a problem watching ads, what I do have a problem with is after I play 4-5 levels, an ad pops up and the game completely freezes up. I’m having to constantly reset the game. too many ads also IMO…you shouldnt have to watch an ad after every level..

It’s with a sad heart I will now uninstall this game, had it a while now, but the adds are just getting rediculas, they won’t let you skip the x harley ever works just freezes and some adds go straight to play store which by the time you get off it your game has reset so you loose your progress, pluss the adds that you have to click 3-4 times just to get back to your game, this makes it almost impossible to play and definitely not relaxing, I only give 2 stars because the game itself is ok

This is a really nice, relaxing game to play, but after your first few stages the ads become one after every stage, it’s just to much. It makes the game not fun anymore, because of that i uninstalled the game. I understand there needs to be ads but after every stage is just to much.

the concept of the game is good. but each level is pretty short and immediately after every level there’s a three phase ad. meaning you have to wait to skip the ad, which then takes you to a second part of the ad, where you have to wait to exit out, which takes you to a third part of the ad, where you have to wait before you can finally go to the next level. even when you’re doing a level, there’s a banner ad. way too many ads.

It’s a fun game. Just a couple of things need to be fixed/added. There needs to be a way to get to the home screen after each level. The option to replay a level should be available as well. Make this happen and I will gladly change this to a 5star review!

Another one bites the dust. Time to uninstall. I did like the tile selections compared to other tile matching games. I haven’t been playing long. I’m only at level 37. The constant ads are ruining the game for me. After every level and sometimes when you click the choice not to watch ad for a bonus. When you’re quick at levels you just end up spending more time watching ads than actually playing the game.

I can truly lose myself in this game and give my brain some much-needed relaxation. It’s fun, moves quickly from level to level, with challenges in the more advanced levels, and has few ads. Just give it a try!

Very frustrating! Great game EXCEPT it constantly collapses: no pattern to it, you can be mid game or going to an ad between play or finishing an ad between play and suddenly it either goes to a black screen or resets back to the game launcher.

I really like this game. But the reason I can’t give it a 5 is because several times the game stops and the screen goes black then you have to restart the app. And, as someone else said, there are just too many ads.

Having such a blast playing this game! NOT a whole lot of adds, thankfully! All the little pictures are so fun and so cute!

I started playing this in August. Lately I make time to play daily. I am currently on level 1793. I really enjoy it. It helps me relax and helps my anxiety. There is only 1 thing I would like to see fixed. After completing a level a window pops up to award you with new tiles. There is a set of 6 slices of pie (the pie is yellow with a cherry in the center). This window locks up the entire game. The “get” button will not engage. The entire game has to be shut down and rebooted.

Could play for hours. I love the levels don’t get progressively harder, but vary widely, so you don’t get to a level and can’t get any further.

This game is easy so far. I just finished level 30 and it asked me to review. I’m hoping it gets harder, but it is a good game for winding down right now. The animal ones are super cute.

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