Lord of Coins – Defend your island against incoming attacks

[Game] Lord of Coins

Lord of Coins Travel through time and magical lands fighting your enemies!

Attack other players’ islands and raid their fortune! Defend your island against incoming attacks and earn more coins! This game is all about the art of earning coins and investing them to get more coins and spins! Lords of Coins is a slot-based game where you are in charge of building fascinating new worlds!

Want to become rich and powerful? Time to get your hands on some treasure! Gather all your coins, together with your friends, and become Lords of Coins! Build your own island on good fortune, attacks and raids! It’s fun and simple! Simply spin the slot, win, or, if you are lucky, hit the jackpot, and build through compelling island adventures!

Explore the story!

A funny professor crashed his ship. He doesn’t know where he is or what year it is! Travel through time, exploring the history of the world, art, music, culture, and science. With Lords of Coins, you are bound to have fun! Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate Lord of Coins?

Build and upgrade!

Any island settlement costs coins to build. Use the coins that you collect from the slot machine to build and upgrade buildings on your island! Why will Lords of Coins have you coming back for more? Because as soon as you complete one settlement, a new, fun island construction already awaits you! Earn coins and spend them on building different islands!

Spin the slot machine!

To earn coins, spin the slot machine that gives a special prize! You can also attack and raid other players’ islands to win even more coins, shields, and amazing rewards. Make sure you have enough spins available.

Choose your own path!

Only you decide where to travel to next on your adventure and what to explore further! But the goal remains the same – collect heaps of coins and keep upgrading your island!

Raid & Attack islands!

Can you guess where the greatest reward is hidden? Go and check it out! You can also get coins by raiding and attacking other players in the area. Visit their islands, collect all the hidden treasures and ruin their islands! But watch out that your enemies don’t exact revenge and raid your island, too!

Defend your island!

The path to becoming a coin genius is through raids and attacks! But vengeful raiders never sleep! Keep your guard up and defend your island from being attacked! Keep your guard to be number one in this awesome game!

Exact revenge on your enemies!

You cannot forgive those who ruin your island! It’s pay back time! Prove your strategic abilities and always stay one step ahead of your friends in Lords of Coins!

Compete against your friends!

Let’s be honest, it’s more fun to play against your friends! Connect to Facebook to compete with your friends in Lords of Coins! Who will be the next Time Lord?

Complete the collection!

Collect and trade statues with friends, and be the first to finish the collection to win amazing rewards!

Collect all the puzzle pieces and complete the puzzle collection by upgrading the special upgrade on each island!

Looking for a simple but fun game where you steal your friends’ resources to build your own island? Look no further! Lords of Coins is a must-have game for you! Start your amazing journey today! Choose your own path to travel through time and decide which way to go next! Join the professor, help him uncover the challenging mystery and understand the hidden secrets of the past! Be wise and brave, making money by attacking and raiding friends’ and other players’ islands, or even by pure luck! The more you play, the better Lord of Coins you are going to be!

Lord of Coins user reviews :

The support button in the game doesnt work. Firstly fix that. Also, I literally spent 1.000 spin for the same 3× slot reel *shield, bomb, spyglass* I understand that 3x bombs or 3xspyglass cant come all the time but it is impossible to not getting anything in 1.000spin I love the concept of the game and generous spin & coin rewards.

  • Hello. We are so sorry that you have encountered such a problem. Please describe the problem in detail to by email: support.lordsofcoins@whaleapp.com Please attach screenshots that illustrate the problem to your email and indicate your device model. Our experts will definitely help you!

I like this game.. I really do.. the only aggravating thing is lack of lives.. plse increase it.. the levels get more and more expensive as you progress through the game.. yet the lives stay the same.. takes way too long to regenerate as well.. thats my only complaint.. o see thats the problem with all these coin games.. believe me Ive downloaded them all and deleted them just as fast for the same reason… I download games to kill some time while enjoying my game.. plse fix it ..

  • Hello, thank you for your review and suggestions. We are always working hard on improving the game, so your feedback is very helpful. Have fun and stay tuned for further updates!

Best game EVER! Same concept as Dice Dreams and Coin Master but MUCH better! I could play this forever. It’s definitely my go-to game. It’s got it all. The only thing that could be better is the sound effects. 5/5 stars from this Lady of Coins!

  • Hello, Maria. Thank you so much for your kind words. We are happy to be appreciated by our players. Have a great time with Lords of Coins and stay tuned for further updates.

Shame but this game is going to have to be deleted. The coming soon levels have been coming soon for way too long. There is nothing left to do with the game. Not only that it has taken spins i had saved and any that i had won have not appeared. Keep getting notifications saying we have missed you but there is nothing on offer now. First time I have been on for ages and then it does that! Used to enjoy the game but sadly only worth 1 star now.

  • Hello Lin. We hope you will change your opinion in a better way and stay with us. We’ll be grateful if you could contact us via email support.lordsofcoins[at[whaleapp.com or via the Support button in the Settings menu to help you to solve this issue. We will be glad to be helpful to you!

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