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[Game] Onnect – Pair Matching Puzzle


Ready to train your memory? ONNECT is a connection-based 3D pair matching puzzle game with challenging levels.

Find the matching tiles, connect the pairs with up to 3 lines. Remove all tile pairs before the time is over. Exercise your brain and become a tile matching master level by level. Enjoy the puzzle collections of lovely animals, yummy fruits, interesting professions, exciting emojis, and more.

Do you like mahjong board games or classic match-three puzzle games? Then you will love Onnect! Onnect is the most colorful and sparkling game among the FREE PUZZLE GAMES, especially the ones that have onet connect game mechanics. It can also serve as a concentration test for children and adults. Find hidden tile pairs and match 3 like a puzzle. Onnect is also great for your memory! Each tile you match will help your memory and get better at each level.


Well-designed challenging levels

Hint & shuffle boosters

Tile movements to master

Brain teasing levels with timed bomb cards

Various image collections

Classic onet connect game mechanics

Improves brain functions like memory, focus, attention, and concentration.


REMOVE ALL TILES from the board and finish the puzzle before the time is over.

Find two IDENTICAL IMAGES hidden on board and tap on tiles to connect.

Connect the tiles on board with up to 3 STRAIGHT LINES and no other tiles blocking the line path.

Use the HINT button to reveal a connectable pair. Use the SHUFFLE button to rearrange tiles.

Onnect user reviews :

I really like matching tile games. Played quite a few of them, but this one I rank pretty high. The ads aren’t that intrusive. For me anyway they don’t play after every round, more like every few rounds. It’s actually simple enough to save up the extra skills to use on difficult levels.

i enjoy this game. i liked it more when i first started playing – didn’t mind the ad videos ’cause it was easy to skip or close them. now (game #2700+), it doesn’t always give the ‘x’ to close the video, & sometimes when i click the ‘x’, it takes me to the ad website. not good! if it keeps getting harder to close an ad video after getting the reward, i’ll uninstall the game & start over, or stop playing altogether. fyi: it has a leaderboard only in special challenges.

The game itself is fun. However, the ads regularly lock up the app, requiring a forced stop. Also, often the rewards don’t load, which is frustrating when you’ve already watched the darned ad to claim the reward. As of May 2022, the Meta ads lock everything up. Tired of watching the same ad 4 times in hopes of saving the points I earned on a round.

I am beyond frustrated with this game as of late. It is so glitchy! Everytime I start playing it starts to glitch then just freezes! Then it just kicks you off of the game. Half of the time it doesn’t reenter your existing game and you have to start all over!

LOVE this game! I’ve been TRYING to play Zen match for a month and it’s frustrating! I am deleting it in favor of this game! This game lets me earn more turns, where zen takes your turns and gives NO rewards. It gives you 2 free cheats every 24 hours and wants you to buy more! I have to wait 30 minutes for each turn and then it gives you impossible matches! Please don’t change anything about this game! It is also challenging!

Right after I left a very positive review I now receive double the ads I initially did. I get one or two ads after every step to the next game which can take a couple of minutes. I do expect to sit through ads but not the extras that have now been added. Why Ok I’m out. The length of the ads and the effort to get out of them is really frustrating. Shame, as I really enjoyed the pair matching. Drains my battery like no other game I’ve downloaded.

Love the game. Except there is to much advertisement!!!! Correction I use to play thus game forever. But all of a sudden all these new adds started popping up after each game and some of the adds would lock up and you wiukd never get the X. Possibly one of these times I might dis connect.

Amazing, it’s simple and easy to play so it’s a super relaxing game to pass the day away. Also minimal advertising to reduce distraction from the game. Try it!!

Lovely, simple and chill game which I play before sleep and actually mostly play for its beautiful music! Could I somehow be directed to its full soundtrack? If I could that would be amazing! Ads are a little annoying, as other people are saying too. But understand why it has them so not an issue for me as its only at the end of each game so not too interrupted.

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