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[Game] Pixel Fantasia

Pixel FantasiaPixel Fantasia, No explanation is required 2.5D Pixel Idle RPG Game!

Pixel Girl who accidently came from different world has a fate to save this world !
Let’s go on an adventure to rescue this pixel world!

2D Pixel + 3D Graphic
Fantasy style 3D Background with 2D animated characters!
Fall in to an adventure in an attractive 2.5D pixel art graphics.

Powerful Spirit Skills!
Spirits can use powerful forces from the nature
Wipe out your enemies with the splendid Spirit skills.

Various contents with endless growth!
Get rewards by challenging various contents!
Grow character infinitely through, equipment, pets, and more!

Extra fun for playing with others!
Discuss game with other players using chat function.
Compete with worldwide players through ranking system.

PVP for the true warrior!
Battle with other strong players!
Character becomes even more stronger with Victory Prize!

Grow up even during offline mode
Disconnect from the game and your character does it all!
Don’t need to feel pressure to play it all day. Just enjoy!

Official site: superbox.kr
Facebook: www.facebook.com/superbox01
Email: help[at]superbox.kr

Pixel Fantasia user reviews :

I’ll try any idle game on my journey to create my own. Too many systems, currencies, small buttons and menus are messy. Almost bought the ad remover though, it’s priced right. Though not sure everything else is. Not a fan of any mobile game that thinks it’s worth 100s of dollars on principle. Save that for the multiplayer games where whales fight for money. A single player experience though? Thinking it values monetarily more than God of war day 1? No

Don’t even know where to begin… they give so many rewards for playing this game you really don’t need to spend money. They graphics are very smooth and the button presses are responsive. Definitely worth a try if you like idle games.

Enjoyable as it is! I’d like some more indication or instruction with the spirits to help me figure out my builds, but the game has enjoyable graphics and features out of the box. I like having this running as I work and coming back to huge gains!

The game is not bad, but half of the text in the UI is so small that I can’t read it, or even SEE it at times. Also, the offline gain system is dumb: I have to wait 5+ minutes to get 1000 kills whenever I want to quit the game, else I don’t get the correct offline gain amount.

  • Hi, it’s Pixel Fantasia here. Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at help[at]superbox.kr.

It was a slow pace at first, lacks of story development but walkthrough quest is a good guide to know the basics. Overall it was enjoyable. I rate it minimum 4.5 it only lacks story development, made the game complex. But gameplay wise and guide it was good.

Is there an option to increase certain text size im having alot of trouble seeing some text as the words are too small. My eye sight is bad enough but your gane text are so small it forces me to literally put my phone to my face ib order to see the text. 1 example is your “magic stone dungeon clear quest” the text is way too small i keep reapting the same stage without progressing as i can’t see what the quest was actually writen.

Not bad for an idle rpg. There should be some more game options to help minimize lag and reduce stop gaps between level clearance, such as being able to adjust framerate and graphics quality. The current game play is good for a start out. It will be interesting to see if there’s anything else to be added with account level progression such as clan/ guild unlocks. The global launch package was 🤌💋 extremely generous. 4 of 5 stars to see how balancing goes. Keep it up.

A very very good game, excellent for passing the time qhen you’re bored, there’s also a little bit of grinding which is good for an idle game. I only wanna suggest to add more sign in options, I recommended the game to my friends but some of them don’t have google on their phones (Huawei). Overall though, it’s a good 5* game.

Pixel Fantasia is a great time killer that’s very generous with premium currency. There are plenty of ways to upgrade your power. I like that different builds excel in different areas of the game. The art style is amazing as well.

So far it is enjoyable and fun. Need to learn everything since not many explanation especially the forging system. Hope we get more instructions and explanation from official or in game feature to make it easier to learn. Keep up the good work!

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