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OvermortalMartial world, so easy!

Here in Overmortal, an eastern fantasy wuxia idle role-playing game, you can enjoy an easy and auto-grinding journey of ascension.

As a mortal new to the world of ascension, you can practice Magicka and Corporia for ascension to immortality through tribulations, or go on expeditions around the world to make friends and unravel mysteries.

Effortless Grinding for Breakthrough
Finding the traditional idle gameplay tedious with all the rewards calculated based on players’ offline time, Overmortal developed an innovative system where battles, productions, and even interactions can be simulated when you’re offline. Whether en route, waiting in line, or having a lunch break, you can make tremendous progress like Stage breakthrough in such a short time!

No Restrictions on Ascension
Enjoy the world of freedom! Overmortal enables you to design your own paths, where you can learn immortal techniques, craft ultimate pills and weapons, and go on adventures for legendary Curios and Relics. No matter which path you choose, Magicka, Corporia, or even both, you will ascend to immortality and transcend natural laws!

Clash of Sects
You are not alone on your journey to immortality! In Overmortal, you can either create or join a sect to share ideas and experiences with friends to ascend together. In addition, you can join Sect Clash for battles with thousands of players in real-time, or challenge players on other servers through X-Server Duels. More interactive gameplay awaits you! Come and explore together with your friends!

Couple Ascension with Companion
Romance awaits on the journey of ascension! In Overmortal, you can build a companion relationship with another player, which offers many perks like receiving notifications when the companion gets online, quick teleport, and Legacy transfer. Whenever you are in danger, your companion can instantly teleport to your location and defend you. Find your companion and ascend to immortality together in Overmortal!

FB Fan Community: www.facebook.com/OvermortalGlobal
Discord: discord.com/invite/V9vn3fCyK7

Overmortal user reviews :

As someone who has read Wuxia novels, this game has a terrible UX. The art may be pretty, but the devs just jammed a ton of stuff into this and provided a chaotic interface. I don’t even want to load the game because it’s one of those where you have little red notification dots on every single item always as an excuse to keep you in the game longer. The flow of the game is barely comprehensible. And after an hour in, you have like 30 different resource types. They need to modernize this.

  • We are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the matter at hand. We are diligently working on optimizing all game features to ensure a better experience for our players. We have forwarded your feedback to our dedicated team of developers. Your input is valuable to us and will be taken into consideration for future improvements.

Have had some difficulty crashing at inopportune times but the support is kind and works through the issues. I have noticed if I am not connected to WiFi my game crashes after only a couple clicks in game I have great service where I live so I can’t see it being that but I have no problem playing on WiFi. I do like that packs are not outrageously priced I would say be careful to watch while you make a purchase that the game does not crash in the background just cancel and try again. Having fun

  • Dear Taoist,we apologize for the disappointment you may have experienced during your game play. If you are encountering any issues in the game, please reach out to our customer service team for assistance. You can contact us through the in-game CS Center or via Facebook at Overmortal-Global. Thank you for your understanding and support.

I tried playing this game. It’s a way too hard. No, the game itself is good. It’s just a connectivity of the game The game itself. It’s so d*** slow. You would have to be a saint monk in order to. Have the patience to wait for everything to load and s*** I’m literally Pressing buttons and other things, and the machine itself. The game the programming or whatever plus they don’t have a Customer support button. So I can’t type down, the engine is too slow. Etstra…..

  • Sorry for any inconvenience caused during your gaming experience. You can contact the customer service center by[Game Login Interface-User in Lower Left Corner-Customer Service Center-Consultation in Upper Right Corner]. Please describe the problem in more detail, and we will verify the problem as soon as possible.

Fantastic idle game, very fun and recommended to all wuxia readers as it follows very closely. The start can be a bit overwhelming due to many quests being given and getting asked to click here and click there. However the server events are done extremely well with rewarding and fun mechanics as well as polished animations I’ve never seen in idle games before. As a suggestion I would decrease the main quest content in the first day of the game to give the users more time to read everything

  • Thank you for your feedback! I’ve taken note of your suggestion. I will forward it to the appropriate team so that it can be taken into consideration. We very much appreciate your support!! C: If you have any other suggestions, or even ideas to share, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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