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[Game] Panthia Magical Merge

Panthia Magical MergePanthia! A magical merge game full of love!

Match by magic and love! Step into the PANTHIA merging world, where magical dreams find endless love and possibilities!

Guided by magical fairies and cute pets, embark on a journey to discover the hidden and enchanting island of magic and love.

Transform your abode into a magical haven, giving your island a fresh new look! You are entering the Panthia world, a paradise filled with dreams, love, and limitless fusion! Let your imagination run wildly as you explore this world, where each island holds the key to unlocking your dream.
Match and merge to unleash magical powers!
Match and merge to create astonishing wonders!
Match and merge to save magical creatures!
Match and merge to build your fantasy!
Now is the time to match and merge!

Panthia World
This magical island is shrouded in darkness, awaiting your rescue. Come to match and merge to unlock extraordinary magical items! Build different abodes for yourself! Unique fusions are waiting for your creation! Search for the hidden treasures of the fairies! Collect pieces of your love! Each island boasts an array of extraordinary items that will leave you amazed! Save the cuties with your magic and love!

Merge identical items, and engage in thrilling adventures! It takes wisdom to match and merge, dispel the curse of darkness, and reveal the hidden beauty of magic! Explore new islands, and build your abode! Collect captivating cards, and participate in fun games to merge and summon magical items, leading you to discover even more new islands!

Create your paradise in Panthia World! Collect magic stars, match and merge items, rebuild your abode, and turn it into your dream family abode! Customize your family haven and let’s merge to create a beautiful life in this vibrant magical world!

Key Features:
Become the ultimate merge master, and join this serene and joyful tranquil game. Discover and collect a plethora of hidden new free items waiting for your touch. Dive into the merging world and unveil even more magical wonders in this merging game!
Cute pets and beautiful fairies as companions. Immerse yourself in a world where each island becomes your canvas for merging, matching, collecting, and crafting your dreams! Fairies satisfy your wishes, creating, collecting, and merging new items!
Unlock the secrets of magical treasures! Collect trees, treasure chests, farms, and mineral resources——traverse every corner of this simulated world, accumulating priceless gems, coins, and magical stars.

Start a magical adventure in Panthia World, a top game that promises to turn your dreams into reality!

Keep those peepers peeled, and make sure not to miss any of our spellbinding new content!
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Panthia Magical Merge user reviews :

Honestly- good gameplay. Strategy is rewarded over time, long game vs quick rewards . BUT… As you progress, the game increasingly becomes a P2W scenario. I made it to chapter 8, and things came to a *screeching* halt. I can play for a few minutes, then have to quit for 6+ hours before I can make another move or two. Right now, completing an island takes literally weeks. I’ll miss it, but thirty minutes of gameplay per day just isn’t worth it.

This game is adorable but with their energy setup you can only play for 15 minutes at a time. At best. When things take 10 energy to chop and you get 8 energy for completing most quests. You use most of your energy to complete a quest only to win enough energy back to maybe make one move. No one is going to pay for energy every 15 minutes. If they would fix the energy issue it would be a great game!!

Very cute plot line, and an enjoyable, relaxing game. Really enjoyed the app until I got into the 3rd chapter, then the 500+ I had of energy I had accumulated, disappeared and they started charging for upgrades to the garden from my 12,000+ accumulated dollars. They are trying to force you to make in-app purchases to continue the game. Did not appreciate that whatsoever. I am now uninstalling the app!!

I’ve been playing several days and it is a fun game that you can pick up and put down whenever you have time to play. One thing that is slightly annoying is that every time you quit and come back you are placed at the home land no matter where you were last. Also there is no double check on using gems so if you accidentally tap something that you can spend gems on it will deduct them from your total immediately instead of asking if you are sure. That is very annoying.

Lots of fun so far, easy to play. Had to uninstall as the ads wouldn’t work to get any freebies, fortunately I wasn’t too far along as I had to restart the game from level 1! Still enjoying it though.

It’s a fun game, but the last 18ish hours, I haven’t been able to play. The app just freezes on the initial loading graphics with the game title. It’s frustrating.

  • We are so sorry that you’ve encountered a problem here. Please contact our support team so we can know your UID and check for you. You can email us at panthiaservice[at] We look forward to hearing from you and will strive to improve!

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