Rare Pets – Merging magic meets adorable companions

[Game] Rare Pets – Merge Game Mystery

Rare PetsSpringtime Snuggles
Hop into the enchanting world of Bunny Burrows this Easter! Immerse yourself in a springtime spectacle where furry friends and festivities collide. Join us for an egg-stravaganza of flavor and fun, as the island is transformed into a haven of joy and Easter magic. Hop by and celebrate the season!

Immerse yourself in the cosy world of Rare Pets! Merge ingredients to bring delightful creatures to life – They are what they eat. Welcome to a world where merging magic meets adorable companions. Create your dream café, collect adorable pets, and serve delicious treats to satisfy your customers and make your café the talk of the town!

Merge Magical Ingredients
In Rare Pets, become the master of merge cuisine! Harness the power of generators to produce seeds, merge these magical seeds to craft an array of spellbinding ingredients. Experience the wholesome joy of merging, collecting pets, and discovering a captivating story.

Pets become what they eat
Pets become what they eat, adding a unique twist to the merging adventure. Raise adorable baby pets, feed them a variety of ingredients from your fusion creations and witness their transformations into cute ingredient pets! Immerse yourself in merging magic and embark on a quest to complete your pet compendium.

Create Delightful Treats
Serve scrumptious dishes to satisfy your customers’ cravings. Merge ingredient pets together to conjure captivating recipe pets that will delight your customers. Become the ultimate culinary maestro as you fulfil orders in your bustling café.

Customise Your Café
Unleash your creativity and design a café that reflects your unique style! Customize decor, furniture, and vibe. Will you make it cozy, charming, or trendy to attract repeat customers. How will yours look?

Sharing Is Caring
The path to success is sweeter when shared with friends! Request ingredients from your friends and spread the love by fulfilling their ingredient requests in return to earn valuable coins and XP. Collaborate with your friends to create a thriving café community!

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Rare Pets user reviews :

I think so far the game is great! The main issue I have is the ability to progress. Once you run out of energy, you have to stop playing the game and wait super long for it to fill up! That leads to not being able to making money to progress in other ways as well. I think that to Improve this, there should be more quests/ways to make money, and upgrades to lower things like energy production time and maybe something like having a better chance of spawning a higher level ingredient.

It is an cute game, but it does have alot of flaws. Its hard trying to get all the pets on your own because the game doesn’t give you hints, the quest become randomly generated after a while, the money you get from them becomes useless after you get all 7 ingredients, and it can get really boring waiting for the energy to recharge. It would be nice if the pets could help you gain more energy, and have money buy you hints to what the pets could be or something. Cute game but a bit boring at times

A really cute game, and I’d love to love it more. It’s hard to do that when I wait an hour or longer to get ten energy, play for a minute or so, then wait for energy to refill. The watch an ad option to refill energy has a 1/hour timeout on it. You guys would make more money if you have 3-5 ad energy refills you know, and I would rate you at 5 stars. :) Please give better incentives to keep playing.

Edit: One of my generators glitched out and disappeared and now seems to be gone for good so it’s almost unplayable. Really good start. The achievements don’t seem to be working, and sometimes it’s impossible to tell which area is the correct one to unlock next. Also wish that the generator cool downs were shorter….

  • Sorry you had issues with the game. We have a new build coming out shortly where we have changed the generator behaviour. We would love to know if you think this works better.

It is a very fun game. I like the animation style and a cute little creatures. The only issue I have, is when you are maxed out at 100 energy, even numbered days daily rewards do not get added to your total… The odd numbers do though. This is a really annoying bug. I have emailed the author but received no reply.

Super fun, butttttt, there should be more ways to make money and energy and should be more land to buy. And I am a bit disappointed that some food combinations that should exist, don’t, or, at least are hard to find. It’d also be nice to have, well, a guide for the recipes, or at least hints.

This game is pretty neat, but I’ve just experienced a bug that erased a hybrid pet I made & turned it into 2 cheese wheels when i restarted the game. I combined an onion with water to make a hybrid, combined it with tomato, and went to the breeding contraption to see if cheese was what was needed to complete the recipe. However, no breeding prediction menu showed up, and when I tapped on the triple hybrid, it had no components, could stand anywhere, and copied the name of the last selected pet.

I really like this game! It’s cute and unique but like other people have said, the energy is a problem. I would recommend that levelling up refills energy – most other games with an energy mechanic do that. Also just other ways to gain energy would be nice. Maybe make discovering new completed ingredients could give energy, and new pets could give energy without sharing but double energy for sharing.

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