Paradigm Reboot – Steadily progress into mastery

[Game] Paradigm Reboot

Paradigm RebootParadigm: Reboot presents a rhythm game in 3-dimensional space,
Combining MUG with elements of storytelling.

Core Gameplay:
Wondrous four-sided gameplay with emphasized “Space” notes.

From relaxing to hardcore,
Multiple charts of choice bring you a steady progression in difficulty,

Enjoy the experience as you steadily progress into mastery :)

Enjoy music from popular artists across the world.

Paradigm Reboot user reviews :

Settings are very limited. I usually turn home BGM down; saw no option for that in the menu. Resolution adjust is redundant since it reduces to 50% & is unreadable. Calibration was weird & arduous. For context, it has you to tap 8 times each for video and audio offset, & adds 1 to a counter out of 8 or 16 every tap. When I recalibrated since it wasn’t working well for me—notes seemed finicky & I would get lost or late, as a PJSK Exp mode player—it began adding on its own and wouldn’t complete.

Really great rhythm game with fun maps and original music! I really enjoyed learning the mechanics and challenging myself. There are a few downsides to this; the first being that unfortunately you have to pay for like majority of the albums, including the second chapter which I don’t understand the reasoning behind really…. Besides Chapter 1, there isn’t much free content that would make me want to stay. The thing about offline game? A lie! You need WiFi to play this game. Not F2P friendly.

Dynamix + ARCAEA = This kind of game. If you want a challenging rhythm game, This one is for you. Storyline is very interesting and gameplay works well. but, there have been issues/problems that I’ve encountered. 1-Cannot work/play when offline. 2-Game is a bit laggy when it comes to the story menu. Maybe have a sale once or twice a year? Maybe add a friend list? Adding more F2P packs/events will be great!(maybe add character skills like how dynamix characters work?). Overall 4.3!

Ok, I just started playing this game, so forgive me if this isn’t a problem, but anytime I go to pause the game, it won’t let me. The little toaster cat thing that says “connecting” might be causing it? Not sure. But personally anytime I mess up I like to restart but I can’t as there isn’t a clear pause button, all I want is an actual icon on the top left or right if the screen so it’s easier to see. That’s the only complaint right now though, the art is good, and I like the story so far!

Cool game but why is the story menu so damn laggy… all those special effects particles that do nothing slowly drop my phones frames to 0… and navigating the menu is awful. Otherwise it never lags in the gameplay luckily since is rhythm game. Still 5 stars from me. Just painful fps lag in menus is all. Good songs

When i say its really good, it really is! The notes are fun and chaotic and it really fits this category. Though my problem is also the tapping mechanism, sometimes it almost take time to tap the notes, and you can’t tap inside the box so you’ll need to struggle tapping outside which only has small proportion. I think players would have better gaming experience if the tapping placement has more space since it can be a truggle for mobile players. Thank you.

Cool rhythm game with a pretty nice graphics! But I don’t know why it has that “Offline” thingy if it isn’t actually offline.

A really enjoyable game, the songs are great and so is the story and characters. BUT after the latest debug update my active crystals (which you pay for, i had about 200-300 left) have disappeared, now the status says i have -290, emphasis on them being in the negative. I was about to buy chapter 2, which i was really excited about but with the loss of my AC i sadly can’t. I have also tried the restore function to no avail. I couldn’t find customer support so im reaching out trough reviews.

best beat game in my opinion, fantastic story, beautiful songs, i hope more people get to know this game

I just finished the prologue and I already want to give it five stars; and I will. I’m liking the promising potential of the gameplay along with the story plot.

Had played for weeks now. I think I finally found a new fave rhythm game to play! The interface is very pretty. The charts are very fun, hard but still fair. However there are some problems I faced. Like when I pressed play, it froze for about 3 mins. And I think the notes couldn’t register my tap well and made me missed. The story is kinda unengaging, especially since the second chapter is paywalled. But I see this game has more potential as a casual rhythm game for casual players or experts.

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