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RizlineRhythm connects!

Presenting Pigeon Games’ second enchanting music rhythm game, following the success of “Phigros”!
Dive into a mesmerizing journey where points and lines dance in harmony, weaving an extraordinary geometric tapestry set to the innermost beat of your heart!

Game Features:

Unleash Limitless Freedom
Embrace full-screen track judgement, and feel the pulsating rhythm resonate at your fingertips! Dynamic charts ensure endless musical delight for all!

Immerse in Serene Rhythm
Discover the unique Riztime design, where emotions and charts ebb and flow with the cadence. Watch your HP and scores soar to the symphony of sound!

Forge Unbreakable Bonds
The internet brings the world closer, yet distances many people.
With Rizline, our mission is to reconnect and unite the hearts of you, your friends, and everyone.

Twitter: @RizlineGlobal
BiliBili: @律动轨迹Rizline
YouTube: @Rizline
Email: contact[at]pigeongames.cn

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Rizline user reviews :

EDIT: BUG FINALLY FIXED!!! cool game idea. very similar to voez. i don’t like there isn’t a timing judgment though. there’s also a few game breaking bugs other ppl already described that make the game pretty unplayable at the moment. no menu or retry button. hard to figure out which songs you’ve played/perfected from song selection so it’s pretty annoying figuring out which song to play next. has great potential, though.

I like the concept and the graphic design of the game, and it seems like there’s a decent selection of music, but the game runs too poorly to be comfortable to play. My device has a 165hz display and it’s significantly more powerful than is necessary to run 2D games like this at that refresh rate, but the game seems like it’s running at less than 60fps. It seems to be locked at like 30, which is really uncomfortable to play and results in severe note ghosting.

Would give 5 stars as its a fantastic game but there is a glitch sometimes where you just instantly fail a song or get a lot of misses and the track kinda disappears or messes up. There’s one song where it seems to do this consistently so I can’t get full perfect because it’s broken. Hoping they address these issues. Still having a blast regardless. Worth a dollar. Visually appealing and musically satisfying.

A new rhythm game showing lots of promise. Still has a LONG way to go, but this is a good start. It’s basically another take on VOEZ. I’m a vet rhythm gamer; hit reg is off and buggy. Strong, creative mappings. Song selection UI is awesome but the rest needs work. No story. Full unlock is absurdly cheap (thank you!) but progression system is arbitrarily restrictive. Missing lots of very important features (proper sync tool, preview locked songs, detailed score metrics, leaderboards, dark theme)

i mean, it’s a cool idea and i like the look but the lack of a tutorial to start off really confused me. it’s simple enough(?) to understand the basics while playing but itd be a lot more welcoming to new players with a tutorial. the fact that the basic version is only 3 songs also annoys me a little? i don’t know however, i didn’t look very far into it due to the lack of tutorial

I want so badly to love this game because Phigros is really good and this is fun when it works properly and the charting is mesmerizing, but this app is so infrequently updated and there is a glitch where the track skips ahead several notes and counts them all as misses. Most of the time this glitch instantly fails a song, I have no idea what causes this. This needs more songs, more love, but what’s already here has potential.

Enjoyable and nice mechanic. The note imo should a lil bit bigger, and the background color change should tone down a bit. Sometime the contrast isn’t enough so it kinda hurt the eye. Definitely need the “flash warning” at the game start. Please add a restart button.

This is probably the most satisfying UI I have ever seen in a game. I really like the detail where you can hear a muffled version of the song you’ve selected when browsing through them. And the ASTHETICS! So clean, simple, and effective, a breath of fresh air. Good song selection. The game is lenient, good for beginners, and a breather for experienced players from trying to grind an all perfect in other rhythm games. Noticeable bugs, but I believe it will be patched.

UPDATE: The bug is fixed. It’s an awesome game now! OLD: Great collection of songs, and a beautiful minimalistic feel. What more could you want! I want to love this game and support the devs so much. I just can’t at the current stage where there’s a bug that occasionally skips bunch of notes at the middle of the song. Fix them and I’ll purchase premium the very same day.

A very pleasant and clean rhythm game not plastered with ads. Tho I do hope there’s a dark mode cuz damn, some of the color palettes would look so beautiful in dark mode, plus easier for the eyes at night

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