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SixitYou are Pep. Some kind of… mammal. Probably.

You’re a newcomer to the village. There’s a sentient storm threatening the townsfolk, and everyone’s putting a lot of pressure on you. But you can do it. I believe in you.​​

​With only six actions per run, you must explore the forest, solve its puzzles, and save your friends from the Great Storm.​

Solve puzzles and explore the land with only 6 actions per run
Choose the right order of actions to progress
Uncover the mystery of the Storm and save the village
Make some new friends along the way
Collect all 6 hidden trophies to unlock the game’s final secret
Play the full game for free, with the option to pay to remove ads

Sixit user reviews :

An amazingly clever puzzle game. The concept of only six moves perlite was innovative and easy to grasp, and none of the puzzles took me more than 10 minutes to solve once I put my mind to it. The game was extremely fun, and the key collection side quest is a nice touch. I only with it could have been longer, as I finished it in about a day. Overall an amazing game with clever level design and innovative puzzles.

(Spoiler-free review) This game is amazing! Everything makes sense now! (I just completed the game a while ago) The best part imo is the 4th wall breaks. In fact, when I was done with the game, I used that particular 4th wall break involving the dog to end it in a hilarious way! Sadly, I wasn’t able to get all the keys to open the door, but that’s fine! Getting the pickaxe at the bottom mine seemed impossible to me, since it switches places every time. I tried messing with Enoki but didn’t work.

Great game. The art style and characters are cute, the storyline is decent, the 6 move puzzle concept is engaging, and the secrets adds a nice touch. I was hoping for the story to be longer (took me two days to finish) and sometimes it gets laggy. Overall though, it’s an amazing game.

It was a great experience. This game has its own concept of “six actions per run” puzzles. They were really challenging. After you complete the story, you will still have additional stuffs you can do to reveal the biggest plot twist of the whole game. Did i also mention that it’s a platformer? Overall enjoyed playing it.

This is a really creative game with original ideas! Some of the key puzzles are infuriatingly difficult, but you just have to be creative in your exploration and the way you piece together your actions. Great game!

A very neat game. I definitely needed help to solve some of the puzzles (just for the optional keys), which I found on the discord. The price of removing ads is so cheap, and absolutely worth it for this little gem.

Very fun Game. The Goal is to pick powers in an order, to plan out your adventure through the map. You will have to return to previously adventured places, so be sure to look for secrets. There are also several shortcuts throughout the map, so look for those too.

Heya my 3rd replica from playstore universe lol..GAME IS SO FUN.. Worth playing… had to point out a negative for better improvement- 1) As storm increased , character was moving way too slow.. and also restart is taking so waskind of annoying..2) Ending is incomplete (idk maybe u gonna continue story ,that’s why u left it like that- hope u will) I thought that dragon gonna wake up fight again etc. I tried to attack that dog,I didn’t expect the result lol…Other than that ,Great Job..

A short, charming game for people who want to relax. I love the message behind it and my only complaint is how playing for too long will cause lag. Otherwise, it’s an adorable puzzle game I would recommend!

I haven’t been so charmed by and enthusiastic about a game for a long time. I’m loving the quirky characters and the 6 action limit challenge. A quality game and so refreshing to play. Thank you!

Fun puzzle game with great animation and story-telling elements. Needed a walkthrough to find the last couple keys, but everything is reasonably solvable.

Okay the twist was awesome , the gameplay is awesome , the characters an designs and little secrets around are definitely awesome ,i love this game so much , because i get bored extremely fast , playing such a short lovely game like this was the best thing that ever happened to me , never enjoyed any game more !

great game in a nutshell, totally worth spending time on. tho i watched walkthrough for the extra puzzle cuz my brain too smol. one tiny complaint from me is that the story is a bit short. its great nonetheless, but i guess it can’t be made longer. biggest up to me is that the game is FREE and also splendidly made.

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